10 Things to Smile About February

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve remembered to link up with EmmyMom’s 10 Things to Smile about mem… but guess what… I did it today! I tried hard to remember! And truthfully I could have linked up last Tuesday, but… there was still a week left of the month and I just had to hold off.

So in no particular order………… (drum roll please)……………..

9. National FFA week! FFA was a huge part of my growing up so it’s only awesome that there is a whole week devoted to FFA! I mean come on, it shapes a lot of young minds!

5. Because of National FFA week, I got a new pair of boots. Wait, what do those two have in common? Well, they were FFA boots and a special and I think the special was because of FFA week and yeah…

2. The iPhone got my dad. It was great. My dad is a real joker, so it’s always fun to pull one over on him from time to time and we didn’t actually have any part in it, which makes it even better!

10. So the weather has been kind of crazy for February, even here in the midwest! We’ve seen 1 snow day at most… 1. We’ve also seen temps in the 70s in February which is kind of unheard of usually. Because of the warm weather, we’ve spent a lot of time riding! So much in fact that Abug sees a horse and instead of saying hor (horse) she says ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride….

1. Some unfortunate events happened, but because of that we got to try out Jose Peppers. I’m still not in the right mind to voice my opinion on what happened. But, this restaurant is something we pass by quite often when going to Chiefs games and never had the opportunity to try until now. Definitely worth it!

7. I’ve recently gotten the opportunity to play with a full frame dSLR camera versus a crop sensor camera. While that doesn’t seem like much, to a camera/picture lover like me, that’s totally awesome!

6. My baby girl keeps getting older. And while that’s an awesome thing, it makes me sad too. Time just needs to slow down, not stop, just slow down!

3. These… oh wow, just these… I need more stat! 🙂

8. Another Bling-i-versary & Valentine’s Day under our belts. No he didn’t propose on Valentine’s Day, he proposed on National Safety Pup Day (Feb 12).

4. My niece turned 1.

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