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In October of 2009 I woke up one random Monday morning and jumped on facebook before I went to work. A friend of mine started a blog. Wait, a what? What is a blog? So I jumped over to blogger.com which is what he used and signed up. I played around on it for a minute and wrote the most creative post ever. The most epic piece of writing there ever could be. and then hit publish and went to work. Now here we are almost 5 years later to the day and look what has evolved. So, what has 5 years of blogging taught me?

I never thought blogging would….

1. Improve my photography
2. Improve my Writing Skills
3. Be so fun
4. Introduce me to great things
5. Actually get me free stuff… lol
6. Become so dang addictive
7. Take the place of scrapbooking and be so much easier!
8. Be a place for my thoughts when I’m not sure what else to do with them
9. Cause me to learn html, even if just minimally…
10. Help me make so many friendships

Thank you all for reading! I love you more than you know! You’re here for me when I need you and I hope I’m there for you too! Muah!

Helene in Between

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