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Dear 10 year older me,

Wow where do I even begin? Right now life is absolutely crazy! You’re in Grad school working on your Master’s in English. Obviously different than your bachelor’s but Dr. Carlson made you feel very good about that fact last week after class. Baby girl was born this summer. That has been quite the learning curve. It’s been a lot of lost sleep which you really enjoy but you wouldn’t change it for anything, although you might have told her if she didn’t go back to sleep you’d take her to grandma or memaw that one night. Hey they let her sleep all day… Monday night she spent her first night away from mommy and daddy. Yup, you cried as you drove out the driveway. And if all of this isn’t enough, let’s add packing up your house because you might have “accidentally” sold it. It’s so much fun to tell people accidentally; the looks on their faces are priceless.

Right now you’re still working on losing that baby weight. Some days it gets you down because you have very few clothes that really fit and you kind of refuse to buy bigger clothes because you don’t want this to be where you stay weight wise. You keep reading that it took you almost 10 months to put the weight on so don’t be so hard on yourself, but that is very difficult!

So today you should be writing a paper… and you will but you really don’t want to so you are procrastinating. Shame on you. It would be nice if you didn’t do things like that! It stresses you out and I think adds to those gray hairs that your nice husband (I’m talking to you Mark) keeps pointing out to you. Referring to your hair, you keep wanting to get highlights but you’re finally back to your natural hair color and you really want to chop it off. Again… it’s one of those things you’re afraid to do so you’re not real sure what to think or do so we just sit on it.

Currently you absolute love photos. You’re loving your Nikon D7100 and your Kelly Moore 2Sues Bag. What can you say, best taste you have. haha! You’re MacBook Pro is your favorite computer… thanks to your husband. You love an iPhone (6). Apparently Mac’s are your thing and Nikon is your gig. Your point and shoot is a Nikon as well. ha!

I just wanted to give you a very small glimpse of what the year 2014 looks like for you… oh and btw, don’t forget to tell your daddy Happy Birthday tomorrow! I know you won’t though… just a reminder :).

10 year younger me

And obviously you can be serious when you have your picture taken…

Helene in Between

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