We Want To Know Wednesday

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{one} Dinner and a movie: what do you eat and what kind of movie do you watch? When it comes to eating, we eat out at all kinds of places.  We like Mexican, Italian, Steakhouses.  We’re not picky so to say that we’d pick one place, um… it’s usually more what we’re feeling at the time.  Movies… We watch them all.  Sometimes they’re romantic comedies (hubby loves them too) or Comedy or action… We don’t have a specific type.

{two} Name your favorite actor and actress: Lately I really like Zac Efron and it has nothing to do with High School Musical.  I’ve never seen High School Musical.  I like him in the other movies I’ve seen him in.

When it comes to favorite actress I would have to go with Kate Winslet.  She won me over as Rose DeWitt Bekater.  And then she was in The Holiday and won me over again.  I remember she’s gotten bad press for being “heavy” or “fat” but whatever, I think she’s pretty and a great actress.

{three} Will you watch any old Christmas movie or do you stick to the classics? We will watch any and every Christmas movie it seems like.  Hallmark has been our go to tv station this season.  I watch Christmas movies year round though…

{four} What is your favorite holiday movie? Oh gosh…. favorite…. um…. Elf ranks up there as does Home Alone and The Holiday and The Last Holiday and Christmas in Connecticut and oh gosh… I can’t answer this.

{five} Tell us one holiday tradition you have:  We make it a point to wait for Tbug to be here to decorate the tree.  I’m sure there may come a point in time where it’d be Christmas eve if we waited, but for now that is what we do.  We get together with mom’s side of the family as close to Christmas Eve as possible (working around my aunt’s schedule, she’s a dr and working around when we can get Tbug).  We go to Grandma’s house on Christmas morning and then we wait to see when everyone else is doing theirs and try to show up too. 

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