10 Things (plus 1) to smile about May

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Some days I’m late to the game, this week/month/day is one of those but I wanted to smile about the Month of May so please indulge me 🙂 I’m linking up with Emmy Mom! Guess I better hurry, my baby girl is emptying my bag. :). I love this life!

1. We spent the day helping with the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard. It was a great learning experience for Tbug.

2. School’s out for Summer. Anyone else singing that song? I’m quite scared because I have a lot of books to read. If you’ve read these, please help me!!!

3. I try to do an update on my life twice a year. The reason is though is because you forget or at least I do and I want to remember. I finally got around to posting the update from the spring.

4. Since I’ve been married I’ve been a momma. Tbug has made that known to me and everyone else. But this was my first Mother’s Day with miss Abug.

5. Hubby went on a trip with work. Abug and I survived and I’m not real sure how, it was finals week and he was gone the WHOLE WEEK!

6. Because Tbug asked a question (What’s the difference between miniature horses and ponies) we got to go ride in a cart pulled by miniature horses!!

7. I’ve gotten to ride horses a lot this summer and I’m loving it!

8. Speaking of riding horses, a friend brought her little boy over and we all rode horses together!!

9. Memorial Day… with all the pictures is there much to say?

10. Abug turned 11 months old.
And one for extra measure…..
My project 365 is still plugging away! I just finished May – Photos 243-273

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