365 – May – Photos 243-273

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243/365 – Learning early to scratch backs…

244/365 – Lee wasn’t sure what Pokey was up to… Fun times at the guard shack

245/365 – An interesting place to find a gold fish cracker huh?

246/365 – Welcome to my underwear drawer… where the baby stores her toys. Not only is there a bunny but there’s a remote, a phone case and a plastic toy that came off of her floor mat. Earlier today I pulled a rubber ducky out of there. Anyone else want to store stuff in there? there’s room. ha!

247/365 – My Cinco de Mayo feast after class tonight.

248/365 – Mmmm Oreo’s!

249/365 – Such a well behaved baby!

250/365 – waiting on daddy’s flight. Beautiful sunset! Daddy’s flight was delayed 1 1/2hrs. So glad he’s home now.

251/365 – With the rainy weather that’s been moving through lately, we’ve been getting some beautiful sunsets

252/365 – Who is wrapped around whose finger? I think it should be the other way around! Happy Mother’s Day!

253/365 – Night night time.

254/365 – Going for a different shot here…

255/365 – Using buckets to “run” reining patterns and working on our baby! She’s coming along!! So excited. (btw, the baby in this instance is a horse)

256/365 – I’m starting her out early smile emoticon

257/365 – The vintage canvas I made. I’m kind of digging it.

258/365 – Would you believe from this picture they are miniature horses? We got to play with them. Even got to go on a buggy ride.

259/365 – There’s a special bond between these two. I love it!

260/365 – Great view to start my morning

261/365 – Daddy had to come rescue me… I was standing on the scuba tanks and someone had to climb up behind me on the tanks and hang on to my legs. I couldn’t move.

262/365 – My first trip to the lake. The breeze coming off the water is freezing cold. yuck! But I had fun still!

263/365 – When I caught this out of the corner of my eye it looked like someone sitting there with a hat on…. turns out it was a scuba tank smile emoticon

264/365 – There is something extremely therapeutic about walking in the surf & the sand. I have been wanting to put my feet in the sand all semester long. FINALLY today I was able to do that!

265/365 – 1-2-3- Go… Fun had at Beaver Lake during the Memorial Weekend. Anyone want to place bets smile emoticon

266/365 – A little (read a lot) of rain doesn’t stop us from having fun. It was Deb’s Birthday. We started with a morning of diving/kayaking, then lots of rain followed by friends gathering for food. We even had the community ice cream smile emoticon. Happy Birthday, hope you had fun Deb. I know we sure did! smile emoticon

267/365 – Normally the water isn’t this high. This is on a campsite just down from where we were. We were up on higher ground. It made for some great diving in the cove though!! Happy Memorial Day! Remember those who have fought for our right to freedom!

268/365 – 11 Months old today. She didn’t want to smile for her picture either. In fact previous to this she was crying frown emoticon. I’m not sure why other than I think we’re cutting another tooth.

269/365 – thanks Tiffany for helping me surprise Priscilla with this homemade Cherry Pie!!

270/365 – She wanted to be involved with the horses so we brought the wagon out and she stayed outside the pens in her wagon. She loved it though. Then went for a walk in her wagon. This girl loves the outdoors.

271/365 – The Monkey Taggie sometimes is the big savior when it comes to getting this baby girl to sleep.

272/365 – We went driving around looking at the flooding. And no we didn’t drive through although I saw some stupid people driving through water they shouldn’t have… sorry for calling them stupid but….

273/365 – Someone thought they needed to drive Grandpa’s truck…

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