Memorial Weekend Part Deux

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Warning: Picture Heavy!

Saturday morning we were to meet up around 8:30 at the dive site. The fog coming up out of the hills was breath taking and this picture doesn’t do it justice!

When your tanks are filled at the shop, they place stickers on them to let you know. For some reason I stuck mine on hubby… I’m just not sure why…

This is the table we normally set up at. The water levels are so high that the water was right here… usually you have to walk across the gravel bar to get to the water.

The water temperature at 22 feet was 68 degrees. In my 5 mil wet suit it wasn’t too intolerable. Down below the thermocline sucked though!

We had great visibility!

My MIL and FIL brought baby girl down to the swim area. She wound up taking a nap in her stroller.

Baby girl’s wagon came in handy for Tbug and me. We used it to drag our gear down the hill to the table to set up and then back up again.

Saturday afternoon we took the Kayak’s out for a spin. Holy crap I got sunburned!

And if you remember when we went to Mermet we did the Pink picture, so we decided to do it again here. It might become a tradition. Okay well I just realized I never really blogged about Mermet Springs other than the hotel incident

I conned Deb into taking our picture with Doug’s camera :). Then I took Doug’s camera to steal the photos off :).

I’m pretty sure she was being ornery to Dan here…

Then it was time to go back to the campers, gather up what we needed, head to Dan/Carlene & Deb/Grady’s area and cook dinner. We had suzie q’s, Dan’s Chicken, lots of sides and homemade ice cream. Deb’s birthday was Sunday but we decided to celebrate her birthday on Saturday night as most people would be there that day.

The kids helped make the q’s.

Homemade ice cream with our less than $3 ice cream maker.

I swear he will not look at me. I get accused of giving him a complex… all I try to do is get him to look at me.

The girls and I then started getting the chicken ready for the guys to cook.

Being Deb’s birthday we put all the candles together and lit them on fire. Dan stood there with a fire extinguisher just in case.

It rained all Saturday night into Sunday morning and hubby left our gear in the bed of the truck all night. Instead of trying to get into soaking wet wetsuits we just decided to hang out. Tbug and I got the Kayak’s out and played in the cove with the Kayak’s… even in the rain. Once the wind really picked up and we were getting pelted we decided to come in. There was no lightening or even thunder so we were okay to play. They were conducting classes for open water certifications anyway :).

BH really wanted to play in the sand and when her mom said no it was raining, she just went and brought the sand in under the pop up.

It pretty much rained all day Sunday. Every so often we’d get a break but for the most part it poured and the water levels of the lake rose.

This is the table above with the water just to the base of it.

This camp site was just below us (we were up on a hill). By Monday afternoon it was underwater.

It was great napping weather. Hubby got his in first and then Abug and I went and took one. We woke up and no one was in the camper. My FIL came to pick us up and take us to the other camping sites for dinner. We had every bit of a 2 1/2 hour nap.

The boys were back at cooking. We had basically the same menu as the night before with a few different sides and desserts added into the mix.

Grady and Dan had gone to the store to pick up something. While we were waiting on them to cut into Deb’s birthday cake, we broke out the ice cream. This was the community dish… no kidding. Deb, hubby, Lee, Kim, CL, Abug and I all ate out of it. This was hubby’s Pineapple Cherry Sherbert.

I made Deb a barn birthday cake. It was a marble cake.

Dan wanted me to make sure to take a picture of his food since I take pictures of everything, including food :).

And the traditional mud picture.

Who says that rain will stop 30+ people from hanging out and having fun… seriously! All you need is 5 pop ups and food. Our motto: If there’s food, they will come.

What do you think of her mustache? She mustache you as question. Never mind, she’ll shave it for later.

Then the kids decided they needed to go play in the rain and puddles. Sure why not… we were wet most of the weekend anyway.

Finally they asked if they could go swimming. We sent CP (he’s 15) out with them as well as the older girls (CL is 13, Tbug is 12, little CL is 11) are all scuba certified. Then all us parents took turns checking on them to make sure they were okay. I think they were getting annoyed with us a bit but heck, we gotta keep an eye on those kids.

So Sunday night Tbug got sick around midnight. Then hubby got sick around 4am. Tbug felt better come morning but hubby felt worse. Our plans were to dive on Monday morning but I was really the only one well enough to dive so we decided instead to pack up and head for home. Water/Weather conditions were great though.

And this just goes to show you how much the water levels rose. This is the same table as the pictures above.

And that was Memorial weekend! Whew!

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