10 Things to Smile About May

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Holy Cow, how in the world did we get to the end of May sooooo fast? You know what that means don’t you? With this being the last Tuesday of the month, it’s time to share things that made me smile this month…. Are you ready?

Emmy Mom

1. We hit week 30, week 31, week 32, week 33, week 34 (this Thursday)

2. The Peanut got the best baby shower thrown for her by 2 really good friends, Deb & Earl.

3. School was out for the Spring Semester. I passed all my classes! Woot Woot! :). I get 3 weeks off and then school starts up for the summer. Get this, if you didn’t already know, my due date is the same week as finals week! Yikes! Wish me luck!!

4. I made Kentucky Derby Pie this month in honor of the Kentucky Derby. How cool is that?

5. I heard the Lee Brice song, I Don’t Dance and it just brought back great memories from first dating my husband and him actually dancing with me any time I want!

6. Mother’s Day. I was afraid I wouldn’t get to see Tbug for the first time since hubby and I have been married but it worked out where we got to see her for part of the day!

7. My kitchen cabinets got finished!!!!!!!!

8. This silly pup came to live with us!!!

9. I got to spend a lot of time with these 3 crazy kiddos!!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysrJq4wMJus]

10. We actually had plans for Memorial Day Weekend. We spent the entire weekend at the Lake. (Posts to come obviously.) I’m a little burnt but mainly my legs. The rest of me actually got some color…

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