Our Kitchen Remake

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When we moved into the house, our kitchen had these cabinets. They aren’t bad, they’re just not what we wanted. We priced replacing them but right now it just isn’t in the budget. So for just under 4 years we’ve lived with them. One day while we were walking around Lowes (which you know you’ve grown up when you love wandering around Lowes) we found this cabinet refinisher kit. It was even on sale so hubby and I thought, sure, why not.

Haha, then it sat at our house for a few months. I got pregnant and no one would let me touch the paint and then the fact that I was in school and whatnot and hubby works and it just didn’t work. Then one day we decided it was time to get the cabinets done, especially since we’re having a baby shower here at my house this weekend.

So I went without kitchen cabinet doors for a little over a month. It made it really easy to get stuff in and out of the cabinets but at the same time I really missed my cabinet doors. My mom, father-in-law and husband did the sweetest thing for me and repainted my cabinets for me with this refinisher stuff we got from Lowes.

And botta bing, botta boom.

So I just wanted to show the finished look. We took down the tile backsplash and replaced with faux bricks (I love the brick look) and then we made the cabinets look brand new. I Love my new kitchen. It’s really lightened it up and it’s really dark because remember… I live in a berm house.

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