It's for the Birds

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So here’s a fun joke I heard last night. What was I doing last night you ask? Well there was a Try it Tuesday and we were sitting eating Dinner. At one point Diver Dan stole my phone and posted this photo on facebook. And poor Doug here, a few months ago I got his cell number without him having mine and I was picking on him. Then they were trying to get ahold of hubby and me last night and he couldn’t find my phone number :).

Side note: It’s always fun to get random numbers (obviously of people you know) and start out with who is this. When they text back and ask who you are, tell them You’re Jake from State Farm 🙂

So anyway Doug shared this joke with me and I wanted to share with you. First off, draw a bird.

Then point at different body parts and ask what those are. ie. What is this? Feet.

What is this? Eye.

What is this? Beak.

Now this one needs to be last and warn the person to keep this in mind. Remember this one!! What is this? Wing.

Then roll the bird up, or in my case I couldn’t do it with a camera in one hand so I got my lovely assistant to help.

Now hand it to the person you were asking what all these body parts were and have them hold it lightly.

Then ask them what the last body part was. When they say wing, you say okay, say that 5 times fast. When they start saying wing, wing, wing, wing, wing you take the paper (napkin whatever) out of their hand and answer it (like a phone) :).

And now you know how to have fun with your friends 🙂  You’re welcome!

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