The Other Morning

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His alarm went off as I was laying there in bed.  At first I thought it was mine so I slammed the night stand but when the noise didn’t stop and my cell phone hit the floor I realized it was his.  Oh come on hunny, make that damn thing shut up already, please!  I rolled over and kicked him in the leg hoping that would get him to budge or at least make the stupid alarm shut up.  I seriously wasn’t ready to get out of bed, but that dumb beep beep beep sound was slowly waking me up.  I knew if I got too awake that I’d never get back to sleep and I still had just over an hour left of good quality sleep before I had to start fighting my alarm.

Finally after the second nudge I felt him move and shut the alarm off.  He crawled out of bed, walking around the bed toward the bathroom, quickly stopping by my side of the bed to give me a “good morning, I love you” kiss.  Then he grabbed his clothes and headed out of the room to get dressed in the living room so not to wake me with lights and sound.

A few minutes later I thought I heard him talking to the pups as he let them out, then he closed the door behind him.  I heard the door lock.  That was it, he’d left for work.  I rolled over to snuggle up to his side of the bed so I could feel like I was closer to him and hopefully I could doze back off.

A few minutes later I thought I heard the stool flush.  It jolted me awake.  I laid there, frozen.  There shouldn’t be anyone in the house.  I know I just heard hubby leave.  I laid there frozen, scared to move.  If someone was in the house, what would I do?  I could grab my cell phone and call someone but we don’t get service at our house.  I couldn’t remember where I left the house phone last and it’s so dark in here I’m not sure I could find it without making noise.  Then I realized I was laying there without clothes on.  Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.  Last I remembered I had a pair of shorts on the bed post along with a t-shirt but silly me left most all my shoes by the front door.  There were some of hubbys in the closet, but if I put them on I couldn’t make a fast get away, I would trip over them because they are too big.

Then I heard voices talking.  Really?  Some guy named John or maybe they said Jason.  Heck I wasn’t sure, my heart was beating so loud that it felt like it was pounding in my ears and it was making it hard to hear. Dammit, dammit, dammit.  What am I going to do.  I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t see the clock to even know what time it was.  What if my alarm went off, would they come after me?  Would they know I was here?

You know, I could get into my bathrobe faster that the shorts and then just sneak out the bedroom door that leads outside.  But I have to turn that dumb lock and the door makes a really loud sound when it opens.  What am I going to do?

Then I heard foot steps coming down the hallway.  Oh crap, I don’t have enough time.  Maybe if I jump into the bathroom and lock the door, then I could escape through the bathroom window?

Just as the person should been to our bedroom door I shuttered.  I shuttered so hard I jumped off the bed an inch and when I hit the mattress it jolted my eyes open.  I was breathing hard, shaking, listening.  I didn’t hear anything.  I looked around from under the covers; the covers that by this time I had pulled up to my eyes.  Nothing.

The deafening silence still had me shaking.  I crawled out of bed, grabbed my glasses and looked at the clock.  6:15a.m.  I found the house phone and punched in hubby’s cell number.  He answered and I started whispering.  He asked why I was whispering and I told him what had happened, then I asked him if he locked the front door.  He said yes.  So I told him I wanted him on the phone in case there was someone in the house, so at least he’d know.  I slowly walked down the hallway peering into every room. I was thanking God at this point we have a 1 story house.

Once I got to the front door I made sure it was locked, then I proceeded on to the office.  That door was locked too.  I was so tense ever muscle in my body ached.  I walked back to the bedroom and double checked that door, locked.  I opened the blinds, no one outside except the dogs who were sleeping in front of the door.

We finally decided I must have fallen back to sleep without realizing it and had that crazy dream.  Had someone been there the dogs wouldn’t be sleeping peacefully in front of the door.  A crazy dream, really?  That’s all I can figure out, but it was enough to jolt me awake.  In fact, I couldn’t go back to sleep by that time so I got up, turned on tv and started watching The Nanny before I had to get dressed and head to work.


And yes, this is a true story.  This is how I was so abruptly woken up the other morning, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty freaked out.  I do have some pretty crazy weird dreams.  At least this one wasn’t about the aliens who were eating purple and green and yellow and orange brains!

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  1. This made me laugh so hard I couldn't answer the phone when it rang. I know the caller on the other end thought that receptionist is a weirdo. Thank you so much for making me smile this morning.

  2. Oh man what a way to start your day. Makes me wonder how long it really was before you went back to sleep while he was getting ready. You poor thing.

  3. Oh my gosh, I have done that. I woke DH up one night freaked out because I just knew our front gate had opened, and someone was knocking on the door. Not cool at all!

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