A Bit O' Me

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a. area code: That is a 3 digit prefix so that the phone company knows where in the country you are 🙂
b. bed size: I’m in love with my Queen size… it’s hard to share a bed with my husband when it’s a full now… 🙂
c. chore you hate: Unfortunately my downfall is folding laundry and actually putting it away.  I don’t mind washing it… it’s just that damn folding it… and putting it away that gets me
d. dog’s name: Well that would be Audrey or my dog at my parents (he stayed with them) is Morelli
e. essential “start of the day” item: a bathroom… LOL
f. favorite color: That would be purple!
g. gold or silver: I like silver a lot but my wedding ring/engagement ring are gold.
h. height: I think I’m shrinking :(… I always thought I was 5’8 but the “school nurse” (aka the nurse we see at work here) measured me in at 5’7
i. instruments you play: in high school I went to band camp playing the Clarinet 🙂
j. job: .I work in the Risk Mgmt department of my company, plus I’m starting up my own business on the side 🙂
k. kids: I have 1 step-daughter Tbug and my fur-baby Audrey
l. living arrangements: in my house with my husband and dog (and every other weekend my step daughter)
m. mom’s name: Mom 🙂
n. nickname: Cole
o. overnight hospital stay: So far I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to….
p. pet peeve: Rude people and people who think they deserve things they didn’t earn.  
q. quote from movie: “I like that boulder, that’s a nice boulder”
r. righty or lefty: for the most party I’m a righty
s. siblings:  heck no, my parents stopped with perfection!
t. time you wake up: well I used to not be a morning person and had to drag myself out of bed… but lately I’ve been getting up between 5:30 and 6:30
u. underwear: Yup have them on.  Thanks for checking!
v. vegetables you dislike: .Beans.  The only kind I like are green.
w. ways or reasons you are late:  My husband misplaced my car keys!
x. x-rays: yup, I’ve had them
y. yummy food you make: mmmm food!  I have a few faves that I/husband make.

z. zoo animals you like: really the ones I don’t like would be easier to name… aka snakes!

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  1. What a fun thing! (mind if I copy it??…did you make it up, or find it somewhere that I need to give credit?…other than you, of course ;D)

    Am totally with on the laundry folding and putting away thing; I'm constantly having to sort through a mountain of clean stuff to find things for the kids to wear each morning!…I played a clarinet in high school, too…and, oh, and the snakes; couldn't agree more!

  2. 100% agree on the laundry!
    And I would feel squished in a Queen- we have a Cal King- but my husband is 6'8″ so he needs it

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