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My blog friend Jill has this series she likes to refer to as “The Single Girl Flies.”  Some of her stories are GREAT!  I just thought I would share a couple short stories with her and you guys too, to show just how cool I can be too!  This is for you Jilly :).


Do you remember that first date?  It can be the first one you ever went on, the first one you went on with your spouse, whatever you want… but do you remember that first date?

If you look at some of my first dates ever, you’d wonder how I even got a second date out of the deal.  Maybe they just felt sorry for me.  Maybe they enjoyed the “entertainment”.  Who knows!

My first date ever was actually pretty boring.  I didn’t really get a second date, but that’s because he lived in a completely different state 4 1/2 hours away.  My dad always told me that I couldn’t date until I was 30.  Ok so maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but he didn’t want me going on a date until I was at least 16, that way if I ever got into a bind, I could drive home, legally because heck I’ve been driving since I was four.  But I digress…

But before I could get my driver’s license I had to know how to check a vehicle for oil, change a tire, pump gas & drive both a standard transmission and an automatic.  See I’d never be stranded :).

So the summer of my 16th birthday I spent every other weekend with my aunt and uncle in Southern Oklahoma.  There was this boy who worked for them who was my age and my aunt thought we’d be perfect for each other.  I guess she never thought about the whole distance thing.  So anyway she basically set up a date for us in a round about way.  I was 1 month shy of 16 and I knew I shouldn’t be going, but I did… woops… LOL.  I truthfully think that will go down as the worst date in history.

The town they lived in had a population of 519 people.  There was one convenience store/gas station/diner in town; that’s where we went to eat.  He ordered Chicken Fried Steak and so did I.  I didn’t know what to say to him so I played with my straw wrapper the entire time.  The CFS was good, but I truthfully think I only ate about 4 bites and I was done, which if you knew me back then was definitely not a characteristic of me!

It was a lunch time thing, so after lunch was over and we were getting ready to head back to the ranch, we ran into my uncle.  He was headed somewhere and asked if I wanted to go.  I said you betcha and jumped in his truck and we headed off down the road.

Hmm… it’s no wonder why I never got a second date… but how about the blind date I got set up on in college?  We decided to meet at a local dance club.  I begged one of my dorm friends to go with me, I didn’t want to go alone, so she and I got dressed up and went to the club to meet this guy.  Oddly enough I picked him out right away.  He walked up to me and we started talking.  He was thirsty and going to the bar to get water and asked if I wanted some to.  I said sure, so when he brought me back the glass I barely took a sip and got the weirdest look on my face.  He looked at me and asked if everything was ok.  My response:
“Water.  It makes you pee.”

I did get a few more dates with him, but we were much better off friends than anything.

So moving on later in life, my {now} husband and I were friends in high school, but like most people drifted our own ways.  When we finally met back up 10 years later and started talking, one of the first things out of my mouth to him was, “I thought you dropped out of school and fell off the face of the earth.”  Smooth sailing right?  Oh yeah, I’m cool like that.

So we finally went on our first date about 2-3 weeks after we started talking again.  I volunteered to drive because I knew my way around the town we were going to and he had left his windows down the night before and his car was wet inside.  Now I’m sure you know I love to talk (probably get that through my writing).  Get this, I didn’t shut up.  Nope, not once.  Not the whole one hour drive.  And I’m sure I said some pretty classy things.  However, I must have made a good impression then because he went on to marry me.  Don’t worry, I think I even told him the water makes you pee story.  That is a classic after all.

I’m so glad though that I’m done with first dates.  They are usually the worst!  I’ve had my last first date (in fact I had it July 25, 2009)!

And I think this post needs a picture:

At Thanksgiving I was sending his sister text pics of everyone in the house (yes she was there too) and this is one shot I sent her… hahahaha!

Told you I was cool!

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  1. Bah ha ha The pee story is hilarious!! I'm so glad I'm over the “first date” time too!


    What the heck is “Chicken fried Steak”?

  2. LOL! Thanks for the shout-out Nicole…And thanks to Lindsay for pointing out how great it is to be over the “first date” time. :s

  3. Very vaugley rmember most of my first dates ,other than MArtin , he was a “fix up” at a party , his buddy walked in and said Hey Sherry ! I brought you something , then handed me a case of beer, took 2 hours to realise he meant Martin, not the beer . dance a bit and visited , then because I was working double shifts and was tired I left .on the way out he followed me and asked if he could take me out sometime, I said sure and left , he had to get my number from others

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