Let's Revolt!

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So we’re at week 2 of The Revolt!  I’m still doing good, although I have to admit, I missed last Saturday’s workout because I didn’t get on line at all, therefore I didn’t know there was a workout.  I spent the day with my mom and husband in Rogers, AR.  Besides, it was a free day so we were able to “eat whatever we wanted”…  I had my first Five Guys Burger, but shhhhh don’t tell anyone I said that!

So anyway back to the Revolt.  This is awesome.  The workout, while you’re working you don’t think you’re doing much but holy cow.  I have a hard time walking the next day because I find new muscles I didn’t even know existed.  It’s great really!

I still haven’t compared measurements, partially because I don’t want to derail myself if the numbers aren’t going down, but last Saturday my momma said I was starting to look more tone, that’s definitely a start, right?

While we were in Rogers I came up with new exercise clothes.  How sweet is that?

And the best part about the whole thing… I feel better about myself.

So far, must admit… loving Revolt!

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  1. AWESOME news! When we got our first 5 Guys it was sooo hard to not go. Now that they have the nutrition posted on the boards, it makes it a whole lot easier to not get the large fry! 😉 As for a free day… that's what they're for, so enjoy it!

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