Tbug’s Birthday

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Oh My goodness gracious… I almost forgot to even write/post about Tbug’s birthday. My oh my I’m falling down on the job. Work has been extremely busy this last week and so I come home and am just ready to unwind! Although I’d much rather extremely busy than I would nothing to do. Makes the time go faster.

Unfortunately for Tbug, her birthday is only a week after Christmas. She gets Christmas and birthday presents in 1 week and then she’s done for the year really. I tell Prince Charming they didn’t plan that out so well… but oh well it happened that way so what can you do… Nothing.

Anyway we took her out for dinner for her birthday and my mom asked her where she wanted to go, her first response, Aunt Lissa’s. My mom looked at Prince Charming like is she serious??? Anyway, we explained we were taking her out to dinner at a restaurant, so we wanted to know which one. Her next comment was the Joplin Steakhouse. Again that caused a puzzled look from all of us.

 There are quite a few steakhouses in Joplin, which one did she mean… We questioned her a bit and she said it was the one by the furniture store. So again… none of us knew exactly where she was talking about so Prince Charming got the brilliant idea… what’s it look like. She said, “well it has a fish pond out front and it’s by the furniture store.”Ah, we figured it out, she meant the Japanese Steakhouse.


Well, the Japanese Steakhouse it was. Mom, dad, memaw, Prince Charming, & I took Tbug to eat dinner on January 1st (the day before her birthday) to the Japenese Steakhouse. She told her daddy before Christmas that she wanted a Hannah Montana digital camera, but after looking at them and reading the reviews, they didn’t look like that good of a camera. Plus for $20 more, we could get her a better camera, so we got her a Kodak Easyshare. Figured that would be a good learning camera, very easy to use and user friendly. Well since we were going to the Japanese Steakhouse, she had to have her camera to take pictures 🙂 so we gave her her present before we left the house. We also got her a pink camera case for the camera.

Prince Charming had my big camera out taking photos. She opened the present, looked at the box, asked me if it was a camera, I grinned and Prince Charming said yes and luckily Prince Charming had a fast enough trigger finger, he caught the look on her face. I think she loved it! She took a few photos and then many more afterward. On the day of her birthday, her mom & stepdad had a party for her at the Flip Shop and we were invited. Prince Charming and I took her digital camera there for her as well so that she could play with it.

I personally think she got way too many presents for Christmas that by the time she got to the last of them, it was just another present and she looked at us like, do I really have to open another present. That is partially why we cut down on the presents for her birthday, but I think they went over way well! She was excited to get the present and that’s what mattered the most! One of our project photos will be made of Tbug pictures.

Tbug opening her present… Wonder what it could be…

Is it really a Camera??!!

Tbug took Prince Charming & my picture with her new camera waiting at the Japanese Steakhouse

Tbug wanted her photo taken with Memaw

Lu cleaning the grill

Onion Volcano

Lu made Tbug a birthday cake of fried rice with a fried egg on top and we all sang Happy Birthday to her

The day of her birthday at the Flip Shop, the kids were having a ball race

Tbug takes Gymnastics and cheerleading at the Flip Shop. Here she was showing off a tumbling move for her daddy & me
Tbug & Prince Charming having a camera Shoot off 🙂

Tbug is blowing out the candles on the cake that her Mom got for her.

This was her last year’s cheerleading photo that her mom had put on her birthday cake.

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