Tbug's Birthday

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In a weird turn of events for us, we were able to see/have Tbug on her birthday. Long story short, the night before her mom asked what the plan was for us getting her the next day so we picked her up at noon. Hubby and I let her pick where she wanted to eat lunch, she chose Logan’s Roadhouse. Then we headed home for the afternoon.

The last weekend she was at our house, we took her around looking for new boots. Her current ones fit her still and are in really good condition (she takes good care of them!!) but it is usually a tradition that for her birthday she gets new boots. We took her to Cavenders, The Justin Boot Outlet and then to White’s Feed & Tack looking for boots. She’s a smart girl, so obviously she probably guessed that she’d get boots but we never let on. We just told her we were looking to try and see what was out there, what size she needed and what she liked. She picked 3 pairs, one at the Justin Boot Outlet and 2 at Whites. Then I sent pictures to my mom, sent her back to pick them up for me once we left their house and BAM, she got her boots. They are Macie Beans and she loves them, although sadly she hasn’t gotten to wear them yet. This weekend!

Then she loves to read and she loves Duck Dynasty. While watching Dancing with the Stars this season they mentioned that Sadie Robertson wrote a book so I figured that Tbug would love reading it so we ordered the book. She was so excited about the book she wanted to take it to her mom’s, which we told her she could but then she decided to send it to our house and she’d read it here.

Since we didn’t think we were going to get her for her birthday, we didn’t have a game plan on where we were going to eat. Once we picked her up she chose HuHot. No problem :). And it just so lucked out that my Mother-in-Law had taken that day off so she was able to go to dinner with us as well as my parents.

My only complaint about the night, the waitress sucked. She totally ignored our table and kissed up to the table next to us. Our table, yeah we didn’t get any refills on drinks or any plates taken away.

But all-in-all, we had a great day/evening with Tbug and no we have one more year before we have a teenager on our hands! Oh heaven help us :). Although she’s a GREAT kid!

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