Superbowl 1 Party

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Superbowl 1, wait what? Aren’t we working toward Superbowl 50 this year? Why yes, yes we are… but what you might not have known is Superbowl 1 footage was lost and hasn’t been seen since Game day back in 1967, that is until now. And back then it wasn’t called Superbowl anything, it was also the AFL versus the NFL. Ah, so much has changed in the last 50 years of Superbowls.

So the story is, there is only one guy who owns footage of Superbowl 1 and he wants a Million dollars for the footage. That is… he had the only footage until now. They (as in the football tv guys…) pieced together the footage from multiple different shots to pull off Superbowl 1. It was funny however because we had normal current commercials. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see commercials from 1967… just saying.

Anyway we had a Superbowl 1 party complete with food, fun, friends, and baby dolls :).

Food consisted of but not limited to… Chicken wings, Chicken Parmesan Soup, Peppered Turkey Breast, Pigs in a blanket, Peanut Butter individual mini cheesecakes (technical name not known), cheese plates, veggie trays, oatmeal butterscotch cookies, and sooo soooo sooooo much more. If you walked away hungry, it was your own fault.

And the reason for showing up… Superbowl 1. Wow, look at that game footage. So different from current technology!

Oh… and we might have hacked hubby’s facebook page. Like it was hard. ha!

CL wanted sooooo bad for Abug to be his friend and sit with him. Over the summer when we went to the lake I finally got CL to talk to me by feeding him Cheetos. I always joke I bought his love with Cheetos. It is so much fun seeing all the kids running around having fun! And Abug finds kids to play with that are very close to her age, as well as getting exposure to hanging out with the old kids and the adults :).

Oh and one other fun story… Pete (the dog) has a toy chicken he plays with. I didn’t see but I heard that all the kids were giving the chicken CPR, including CL (who is 3) and Abug. I was like where was the video and no one took any footage. I think they were in shock watching all the kids (there were like 5 maybe) giving this toy chicken dog toy CPR.

And Superbowl 1, final score was Green Bay Packers 35, KC Chiefs 10. Yup, our beloved Chiefs were in Superbowl 1! Sadly this last weekend was a playoffs game against New England Patriots and they didn’t fair so well. 27-20 Patriots but the Chiefs gave it a good go! Good Job Chiefs! Way to play hard!

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