Road Trip Part 1 – The National Cowboy Hall of Fame

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Saturday morning after our Superbowl 1 party, we loaded up the Chiefs bus and headed to Oklahoma City. The main purpose was to go to the IFR, but we also wanted to visit the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

This place was phenomenal. So much history, so definitely if you are a history buff you need to go check this place out! And if you like the Wild Wild West or even Cowboys and Western culture, this is still definitely the place to attend!

They actually had a model city set up. Now this place was awesome. I told Karen I wished that there was such thing as a time machine to go back in time and experience this 1st hand, then come back to reality because we agreed there are modern technologies we don’t want to live without, like indoor plumbing.

There were places throughout the museum that asked for no flash and no photography at all. I didn’t see anything telling me not to take pictures of cameras. If you know me, I love cameras! I wish I had some of these older cameras or at least the opportunity to try and shoot with one. How freakin cool are they?!?! Btw, I sure would like someday to have enough great photos to have my own photo gallery showing. Someday, someday!

Then we went through the Rodeo portion of the museum. I thought one of the guys needed a pair of jeans just like this. (btw, those are Rodeo Clown jeans :)) I do have to say I was surprised that I didn’t see Lane Frost in this portion of the museum, or even Tuff Hedeman or Cody Lambert… or I could go on but I won’t…

Goodness there was so much to see in this museum that I think you could spend a couple days and still find new stuff to see. Totally worth the time! Next up… the IFR! 🙂

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