Ol’ South – Ft. Worth

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One place that is near and dear to our hearts is Ol’ South Pancake House.  One good thing is they are open 24 hrs, however don’t plan on walking in and immediately getting a seat at 2am, because it probably won’t happen.

Now generally we’re there on weekends (Texas) so possibly it’s easier to walk in and get a seat on a week day, I don’t know.

One of my aunts lives down around Ft. Worth so we called her and she and a friend decided to come meet us for breakfast before we headed home last weekend.

When she finally got there she was commenting on how I’m always sending her pictures and that’s how she’s going to remember what I look like, so right there in Ol’South we had to have a photo montage!  Yes, I was texting these to her as I was taking them.

When I started that she started sending me funny jokes :).  Maybe someday if you’re lucky, I’ll share a few with you :).

Once our food showed up, this is what we got…

AJ & her friend S chose the original pancakes and bacon.

Original Ol’ South Pancakes
Your choice of our fluffy buttermilk pancakes, buckwheat pancakes or corn cakes, served with maple syrup with bacon or sausage

Mom went with the German Pancake.  To me it’s waaaaaay sweet but I prefer savory over sweet.  She loves the sweet and this is what she gets every time.

World Famous German Pancake
Our signature pancakes filled with fresh squeezed lemons, powdered sugar and whipped butter.  Toppings: Spiced Apples, Strawberries, and blueberries.

I absolutely LOVE biscuits and gravy.  When I saw this skillet, I thought I’d give it a shot.  It was such an interesting surprise and extremely good!  There were yummy biscuits, the surprise were scrambled eggs on top of the biscuits.  Then a layer of hash browns and gravy topped with bacon.  Yum!  Oh and cheese.  Who could forget the cheese.  I think the only thing I could have done without was the scrambled eggs, but heck, it was fabulous with the eggs on there.

Hubby did a build your own omelet:

Build Your Own Omelet
Start with our three egg fluffy omelet and add your favorite ingrediants listed below and create your own masterpiece. Each additional topping 0.89. sausage, hamburger, onions, tomatoes, hickory smoked ham, crispy bacon, jalapenos, mushrooms, chorizo, chili, green peppers or spinach. Steak or chicken $1.49 and swiss, cheddar or american cheese .59

served with your choice of three buttermilk pancakes, biscuits, toast, bagel or english muffin

He chose: Chorizo, ham, mushrooms, onions and cheese.  Omelet, Good!  Pancakes, Good!  Wow saying good I feel like Joey on Friends about the dessert Rachael made that was two recipes in one.  Anyway moving on….

Dad went with the stack of original pancakes with the bacon and a side of scrambled eggs.

I loved the fact that when I told AJ about meeting at Ol’ South, even though she isn’t in Ft. Worth, she knew exactly where we were talking about.  We got there around 8:45am and went ahead and got our table.  It was definitely a good thing because when we left they had a waiting line that was going out the door and down the side walk.  What can I say, they have a fabulous reputation!

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