Road Trip!!!

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My aunt called us up a few weeks ago and said that PC and I needed to head their direction.  She wanted me to go sit with her at work and the hubs could “babysit” my uncle (haha my words not hers :))  Besides, she left some dishes at our house at Christmas time that needed to be delivered and my uncle bought some “train” horns for his truck so we saved him shipping on those too :), so we picked a weekend that we could and we loaded up and headed for their house.

This just happened to be the weekend we had free so Friday we left after work and made the trek to their house.  We made record time too and I set my cruise to the speed limit… no speeding for me.  Actually we stopped in Tulsa for dinner so I’m not sure exactly how many hours it took us to get there but still, we made good time for running the speed limit.  Why speed, it uses more fuel and my favorite thing is when people pass me flying and then I catch up to them driving the speed limit.  I think that’s flippin hilarious!  Sometime’s Karma is a b***h!!

Welcome to Oklahoma!

I didn’t get a whole lot of chances for photos on the drive down because I drove (by choice).  Then Saturday I spent the day with my aunt and hubby went with my uncle and his help to a horse show.  We didn’t know they were going to a horse show so hubby didn’t have a long sleeved button down shirt and cowboy hat so he had to sit in the bleachers all day.  But then Sunday morning he and my uncle got up at 6:30am (no thank you) and went to EE Ranches to get my uncle’s mare tested to see when she’d be ready to breed.

I woke up around 8 and chatted with my aunt waiting on the boys to get back.  They got back around 8:30 and I got dressed and hubs and I headed for home.

I’ve always heard people talk about Bricktown in Oklahoma City so we decided to swing in there, look around and grab a bite to eat before hitting the highway.  Being Sunday, that may have had something to do with it, but I wasn’t totally impressed.  I do think that we’d have better luck if we had more time to gander, but we didn’t.

OKC was hidden in the clouds (fog)


We finally decided to eat at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill.  Dang try figuring out how to get into this parking lot.  It was nuts!


I thought this was awesome!  They should have had it for Veterans too though, they were soldiers at one time!!


I’m getting the evil eye….


See there’s that Karma again!


Look at the Disco Saddle!  There were 2 in the restaurant that we found.


Have to wait, sit on a truck tail gate!!


This was standing in Toby Keith’s Parking lot


But we had to get home for Sunday dinner (with our friends) so we headed out!!
And we crossed over the Oklahoma River.
Here was the dam.  One side was full, and this side, notsomuch!
Then we got into Tulsa and crossed the Arkansas River.


It was fairly low too, but they keep it that way usually.


About this time we were sick of being in the car.  We got stuck in road construction with no movement going through Tulsa.


Downstream Casino… it’s right in the corner, parts of it are in Oklahoma, Kansas & Missouri.  See I told you it was right in the corner!


ah Missouri, you never looked so…. gray, sad, cold, pretty

We finally made it home in time to start a fire (it was chilly!) and throw together a dip to take to Sunday night dinner and we were out the door again.

Oh well, isn’t that what SHORT road trips are all about?

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  1. You have to have on a button down shirt and hat to go in the “pit” area? I don't know what to call it at a horse show…….lol

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