Independence Day 2016

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We had an excellent Independence Day this year. We had the family get together on Saturday, relaxed on Sunday, and then on Monday we went to Deb & Grady’s for some pool and relaxation. Well… some of us. Poor Jared was in pain. He had an incident with a horse on Saturday… but the rest of us relaxed! Okay, minus Karen too…. she had to work. She was with us late afternoon though.

Then in the evening we went over to my parents house for Abug to set off a few fireworks with grandma and grandpa. We had smoke bombs, snappers, and poppers. We thought we’d start her off with little things that she could have fun with, although she didn’t get to hold a punk because the punks (like that? lol) at the fireworks stand forgot to give us any. Woops. So we had to set off the smoke bombs for her. She’d go set them down where she wanted them lit and then she’d back up and watch.

She and grandpa and daddy were getting in trouble with the snappers. You know those white things you throw on the ground and they snap? Yeah, they kept throwing them at my feet and making me dance. And when they weren’t picking on me, they were picking on grandma.

The poppers are those things that you pull on the string and the confetti stuff comes out the bottom. She loved those so much, she kept some of the empty tubes.

And that was our 4th of July festivities.

Tbug was back with her mom, but she has some words of advice. I guess they let her (who they is I’m not sure….) write with smoke bombs and she had one land on her foot and burn it. They were the little balls like we set off with Abug that she was writing with. Words to the wise, don’t do that. The burn on her foot looked a little painful.

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