2009 in Review

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Welcome to 2010 and the beginning of ….. Global Warming, or so they say… I’m not convinced…. um… last I knew it was freezing temps outside, actually below. Bring on Summer!!!


–New Years Day- well New Year’s Eve was spent at Twisters so you can imagine that right after midnight, I was in Kansas at Twisters but headed home. Yey 🙂
January also started a dinner club

  • January: Bijans in Springfield
  • February: Red Oak Steakhouse at Downstream Casino
  • March: Kinnaree in Joplin
  • April: Avanzare in Springfield
  • May: Bayou in Monet
  • June: Wilders Steakhouse in Joplin
  • July: Touche’ in Springfield
  • August: Roswitha’s Schnitzelbank in Webb City
  • September: Haruno’s in Springfield
  • October: Mytho’s Euro Greek Cusine in Joplin
  • November: D’Arpino’s Italian Cafe in Springfield
  • December was back at Kinnaree but I was in Ft. Worth so I missed the last dinner club of the year 🙁


brought about getting my front teeth fixed


I attended the formation of PEO chapter NJ on the 7th
and dad & I attended the Buffalo sale and added 3 more buffalo to our herd. Plus I saw an old college friend at the sale, but unfortunately didn’t realize it was him until he sent me a message on Facebook :(…


Lots of weddings!
Brian’s Band had a reunion gig at Jim’s Bar
Becky’s on the 16th (and I missed it due to another wedding)
Missy’s Wedding also on the 16th where I did my first wedding cake
Nikki’s Wedding was on the 23rd


I attended my first Relay for Life event on the 7th. We held the first-ever bra decorating contest at our event. It got some strange looks and my bra won 🙂
Camille’s wedding was on the 20th (I missed it also due to another wedding)
Anya’s wedding was the wedding I attended on the 20th
Kristen’s wedding was on the 27th.
(boy lots of weddings this year!!)


I had my 1st date with my sweetheart. It was actually at our dinner club meeting at Touche’ on the 25th.
I also met his daughter Tbug the next weekend.


Prince Charming, Tbug and I along with his sister, brother in law and nephew went to Silver Dollar City


photography class (yey!!) with Evelyn & Josh


Mom and I headed for Weatherford TX to watch my uncle show.
Prince Charming moved home that same weekend for good 🙂
Nicole & Ed had a Showeception as they called it for the wedding
then the wedding followed on the 24th


Prince Charming and I attended one of Tbug’s Cheerleading competitions in Tulsa.
plus the weekend of Thanksgiving I was up in time to watch a beautiful sunrise.


Prince Charming got to experience Ft. Worth with us the 11th – 14th.
And for the first time, I think in 7 years we had a white Christmas (although the snow is still sticking around…)

Also, this year brought about many photoshoots with Evelyn, Josh, Prince Charming & Tbug

in June mom, Cynthia and I went to Tulsa to see Wicked and then mom and I went to Tulsa in November to see Dracula.

This year had its shares of ups and downs, I only chose to highlight the ups. Bring on 2010. I’m ready 🙂

And my year ended with my midnight kiss to start 2010

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