2009 in Review

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Welcome to 2010 and the beginning of ….. Global Warming, or so they say… I’m not convinced…. um… last I knew it was freezing temps outside, actually below. Bring on Summer!!!


–New Years Day- well New Years Eve was spent at Twisters so you can imagine that right after midnight, I was in Kansas at Twisters but headed home. Yey ๐Ÿ™‚
January also started dinner club

  • January: Bijans in Springfield
  • February: Red Oak Steakhouse at Downstream Casino
  • March: Kinnaree in Joplin
  • April: Avanzare in Springfield
  • May: Bayou in Monet
  • June: Wilders Steakhouse in Joplin
  • July: Touche’ in Springfield
  • August: Roswitha’s Schnitzelbank in Webb City
  • September: Haruno’s in Springfield
  • October: Mytho’s Euro Greek Cusine in Joplin
  • November: D’Arpino’s Italian Cafe in Springfield
  • December was back at Kinnaree but I was in Ft. Worth so I missed the last dinner club of the year ๐Ÿ™


brought about getting my front teeth fixed


I attended the formation of PEO chapter NJ on the 7th
and dad & I attended the Buffalo sale and added 3 more buffalo to our herd. Plus I saw an old college friend at the sale, but unfortunately didn’t realize it was him until he sent me a message on facebook :(…


Lots of weddings!
Brian’s Band had a reunion gig at Jim’s Bar
Becky’s on the 16th (and I missed it due to another wedding)
Missy’s Wedding also on the 16th where I did my first wedding cake
Nikki’s Wedding was on the 23rd


I attended my first Relay for Life event on the 7th. We held the first ever bra decorating contest at our event. It got some strange looks and my bra won ๐Ÿ™‚
Camille’s wedding was on the 20th (I missed it also due to another wedding)
Anya’s wedding was the wedding I attended on the 20th
Kristen’s wedding was on the 27th.
(boy lots of weddings this year!!)


I had my 1st date with my sweetheart. It was actually at our dinner club meeting at Touche’ on the 25th.
I also met his daughter Tbug the next weekend.


Prince Charming, Tbug and I along with his sister, brother in law and nephew went to Silver Dollar City


photography class (yey!!) with Evelyn & Josh


Mom and I headed for Weatherford TX to watch my uncle show.
Prince Charming moved home that same weekend for good ๐Ÿ™‚
Nicole & Ed had a Showeception as they called it for the wedding
then the wedding followed on the 24th


Prince Charming and I attended one of Tbug’s Cheerleading competitions in Tulsa.
plus the weekend of Thanksgiving I was up in time to watch a beautiful sunrise.


Prince Charming got to experience Ft. Worth with us the 11th – 14th.
And for the first time I think in 7 years we had a white Christmas (although the snow is still sticking around…)

Also this year brought about many photo shoots with Evelyn, Josh, Prince Charming & Tbug

in June mom, Cynthia and I went to Tulsa to see Wicked and then mom and I went to Tulsa in November to see Dracula.

This year had its shares of ups and downs, I only chose to highlight the ups. Bring on 2010. I’m ready ๐Ÿ™‚

And my year ended with my midnight kiss to start 2010

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