Year in Review Jan-Mar

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Well, you can’t start off the year without making Bourbon Fruitcake, right?!?!

And if you don’t know me, it’s time you learn 🙂

And then every once in a while I do something that doesn’t make sense, like paying off my car but immediately trading it in… hey it happens!

And my husband stepped up his A-game and found a song I was telling him about without very much help from yours truly!!

For the first time, I’ve been stranded at my house due to snow

And you actually got to try and read my handwriting

But let’s not forget that I shared with you a weight watchers approved recipe!  Go me! 🙂

In March I showed you how to paint your walls with tissue paper

And I gave you a little insight into being a step-mom

But the most exciting part was going and hanging out in the ER for a day

And truthfully there is so much more that I could tell you about, I just chose a few highlights 🙂  Oh, and you still have time to link up your 1st Quarter review with the lovely CA Girl, Emmy Mom, Em of Emilisq,
Grumpy Grateful Mom, Impulsive Addict, Janette of Johanson Journey, MiMi Living in France, Runner Mom

0 thoughts on “Year in Review Jan-Mar

  1. Oh my gosh, Nicole…how long have we been following each other's blogs? I remember almost all of those posts! haha!! Great start to the year in review!! 🙂

  2. Well I don't remember the WW recipe or the ER post! And I have to say, I wouldn't want to be at that hospital anyway. hahahaha. I love the show, but man…I wouldn't want to be a patient there. 😛 Thanks so much for playing along! 😀 Yay!

  3. Great review Nicole!

    I can't believe all that snow you got! Nice you made good use of your time. Your Valentine's wreath is so cute!

    And I would love some of your WW approved Parmesan Chicken for lunch today. 🙂

  4. Just clicked on three of the weeks- going to be doing some reading 🙂 Excited to go see the painting with tissue paper

    Thanks so much for recapping with all of us! I have your point recorded for this week

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