Day 407

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Day 407 – We said I Do

Day 408 – We headed off to our Honeymoon in Chicago

Day 412 – First nights sleep in our new house

Day 422 – First weekend together as a family

Day 436 – Our Bear went missing

Day 448 – Audrey came into our family

Day 465 – Celebrated hubby’s birthday that was on Day 466

Day 477 – Spent the evening in the hospital to lose my grandpa on day 478

Day 503 – Came the big hair chop

Day 518 – We hosted our first Christmas in our new house

Day 534 – I bought a new Car

Day 536 – I paid off my Mustang that I traded in on day 534

Day 558 & 559 – We got snowed into our house by a Missouri Style Blizzard & 18+ inches of snow.

Day 589 – We hit the 6 month mark for our marriage.

Day 595 – Hubs had knee/leg sugery

Day 611 – Spent the day in the ER by Choice (checking out the whole nursing gig)

Day 625 – Started our Diet (where I lost 26 lbs & he lost 30)

Day 637 – Enrolled back in school for a second bachelor’s degree.

Day 652 – Attended the {step}daughter’s Mother’s Day Luncheon at school

Day 668 – Joplin was hit by the EF-5 Tornado

Day 679 – First time giving blood; only to get sick and have my first pop (err soda for those of you) since April 10.

Day 709 – Hosted the 2nd Annual 4th of July Party

Day 737 – Had to replace the pool liner on my 28th birthday

Day 742 – 1 Month count down to our 1 year anniversary

Day 761 – We both had to start attending classes.

Day 771 – Ate Year old Wedding Cake

Day 772 – We landed in Hawaii for our 2nd Honeymoon/1 year anniversary on Anniversary Eve.

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  1. You must keep a really accurate day planner or calendar or computer organizer – I would never know exactly what day stuff happened on! So cool! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love these. What a great thing to have to look back on.

    I can hardly remember what Chris and I did yesterday, let alone a year ago!

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