Whew What a 4th!!!

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So this was the debute of our house to PC’s side of the family. Talk about a nervous wreck. Of course growing up, we were usually the ones who went places, not had people to our house so it was a little nerve wracking for me. He was all calm, cool and collected. Grrrr ;). Once the day actually hit I calmed down, A LOT! The house looked great which was exciting! Now that the 4th is over we’re going to focus on getting the office ready and working on our bedroom plus moving the tan couch and chair over to the house from my parents.

The funny thing is it rained. We actually had our 4th party on Saturday the 3rd so in case anyone had to go to work on Monday they weren’t out until the crack of dawn. Of course the weather forecasters (which I want to be by the way) called for rain on Sunday the 4th. Yep, you guessed it, no rain on the 4th but we did however get rain on the 3rd, all afternoon. There was a 50% chance. I’ve seen us be in a 90% chance and not get a drop. See I want to be a weather forecaster! So what did we do, we partied on! We put all the chairs under the car port and it wasn’t lightening or thundering so we jumped in the pool and played in the rain. It was GREAT! A little chilly but that’s ok, we proceeded on to the hottub when we got to cold!

Our lovely array of food!

PC’s cousin is a paramedic and she was on duty. They came out to eat but I’m sure we got lots of wonderings from passersby. In fact when the few friends we have that aren’t in his family came we had to explain. They were worried we’d already had an accident. I really bet the neighbors wondered what happened when they got called away and took off out our driveway with lights and siren running!

This is the wreath I made for the occasion. It’s actually there permanently so that it can be changed up for the different seasons, holidays with flowers. One of PC’s aunts asked if I was the “crafty” type person. I grinned and proceeded to tell her no 🙂

I was playing around with the settings on my camera… I want to learn to take outstanding photos! The smoke on the smaller ones didn’t help me so I got some shots like this 🙁

This is PC’s nephew playing with a sparkler and them setting fireworks off behind him.

I thought this was cute b/c it is Dill Pickle still but he’s walking so you can just catch a glimpse of him in the sparkler.

This was just cool in my opinion.

I liked this one too honestly!

I actually got a ground one where it wasn’t covered by smoke.

yeah your guess is as good as mine here…. 🙂

We finally started to get into the big fireworks of the night.

Again a big one 🙂

I almost didn’t get this one in the picture but what made it I loved!

I’m getting better right 🙂

One of my faves!

I hope you all remember what this day is truly about, the freedom of our country. And freedom doesn’t come free, it comes at a price. I hope you thanked all those who are currently fighting and those who fought in our past for our freedom! Hope you all had a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

I put another chapter of my story up, my opinion, it’s one of the more boring but sometimes details are necessary!

Peace, Love & Freedom and those who fight for our freedom!

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  1. Loved the wreath of barbwire. I have one that is made from an old rope. Same idea, changeable with the seasons. Your pictures were the only fireworks I saw this year. And the party looked fun. Good job kiddo.

  2. I am getting caught up on my blog reading… you know we didn't get to see any fireworks this year… they didn't have any where we were in Utah… I'm glad you shared your photos… it was like being there!

    Happy Independence Day (26 days late!)

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