The Swimming Pool Diaries

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Some days I think we need our heads examined… At the last minute we decided to open our pool. It hasn’t been opened in 2 years and boy was it disgusting. My sister in law, brother in law, father in law, and niece came over to help. We spent all last Saturday scrubbing the lining and after deciding to empty the entire pool to start fresh, so we spent time draining the pool. It kind of was the only option… I’m now trying to get it filled back up. We’re a couple inches up on the shallow end. We’re filling it up with our well so it’s 2 hours on, 2 hours off so we don’t pump the pool full of mud like we did in 2011. Boy was that ever fun!

I can tell you getting that last bit of water out of the deep end was difficult. Our little pump wasn’t working and the big drain wouldn’t drain it because there was no pressure. The shop vac wasn’t strong enough to pull it out from the side, so I put Tbug down there and I stood on the diving board, she scooped the water into a bucket, I pulled the bucket up, and my father in law dumped the bucket. Finally the little pump started working again so between both efforts we got it all out and then were able to take the shop vac down and get what was left. Whew!

So in the mean time I’m cleaning my house for a birthday party on Sunday that I’m also planning and baking all the cakes/cookies for all while trying to find a job. Multi-tasking at it’s finest. And yup, my baby squirrel is turning 2 on Sunday and I’m trying to keep it together! Oy! How can it already be 2 years? Wow, do you see a theme for this post… 2 years…

Tomorrow we’re headed to the lake, so I have to get everything done for Sunday today. Oy! I think I’m getting a few more gray hairs… or maybe not. Stress ya know. ha! So now that my alarm is going off to go shut off the pool, I better get to running. And yes, our water is up higher than this picture, this is just the picture I took the other day. So we’re at the point of filling up the pool that takes forever!

Oh…. and after last week’s incident (aka the stupid snake) I thought I was going to have to kill my cat this morning. I was in our laundry room looking for oil (our pantry is in there too) and I could hear something but couldn’t see anything. Then I saw this black thing and about had a heart attack. So the tip of my cats tail is black, but it looked like a snake for a minute. Oy!

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