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Something you may or may not know about me…. I can cuss up a storm.  Sad but true.

I’m trying to give it up, and you’ll be happy to know very seldom does Tbug hear me swear, or even a lot of people to be exact.  In fact, when someone I’m around a lot hears me, the look on their face is rather amusing.

Maybe I’m more of an in the closet swearer… you know, like in the closet eaters…  Well anyway…  My goal is to quit cussing all together, although I’m not doing so hot at that, I’m giving it great effort, you know until something goes wrong….

Anyway, all that being said to tell you this little ditty.

My friend Earl really wants a Kitchen Aid mixer.  Had I thought of it, I should have told her husband before Christmas, but I didn’t know he needed ideas.  Oh well, that’s how luck has it sometimes :).

So on New Years I got the brilliant idea that we should put up a “Swear Jar” at Earl’s house.  A lot of people cuss there, and yes if I say something most people look at me like I’ve lost my mind because again, I don’t generally swear around people.

Earl thought that was a fabulous idea.  Then Pokey, rather lovely said that he might as well just buy her the bleepity bleep mixer because he’d be bleepity bleeping putting bleepity bleeping money in the bleepity bleep jar all the bleepity bleeping time, or something kind of like that.

Of course we all got a big laugh out of it.

So the next day (New Years Day) Doti placed this message on our facebook pages:

Pretty smart thinking huh?  I like it!

Well then sadly… one of my 101 goals is to go an entire week without cussing.  Yeah later that week I had a really rough morning getting up and out of the house headed to work and this message showed up on Earl’s facebook page…

I’m pretty sure I had enough cuss words going on in a short period of time to put a nice down payment on her Kitchen Aid and a girls trip for all of us.  Luckily for hubby, he didn’t answer the phone when I called because halfway through my rant I kind of calmed down, called him, something went wrong again and off I went cussing up a storm.

Wow, my cheeks are red just typing this because I don’t want people to think badly of me.  Remember I generally don’t cuss around kids or adults.  Hubby of course hears me and my parents have, sad but true.  My grandma has even caught a word here and there coming out of my mouth, but nothing too foul.

So a few days later… this is what happened….

You guessed it… another bad, rough start to my morning.  I actually calmed down a bit faster this time… but the joke around this neck of the woods is.. Swear Jar.  We’ll even say that sometimes in place of swear words.  See making progress right?

I’m pleased to announce I haven’t had a rough start to my morning since then… well knock on wood.  This morning is still young…

Until next time….


hahaha.  And yes, I’m working on not swearing… btw, what is your take on Crap?  Swear word, or not?

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11 thoughts on “Swear Jar

  1. I taught pre-k for many years. I had to develop creative words and not swear. I would practice the “no swearing” even at home because all holy hell would break loose if one would slip out while I was at work. But now….I am an accountant and well I can cuss when I am mad… but I still find myself saying “mild cuss words” LOL BUT, if I am mad…. oh the sensor comes off. LOL


    I also swear up a storm, but try not to burn the kids' ears with profanity – or the worst of the sware words. However, I'm sure they've heard it all by now – if not from me from tv/movies or friends.

    Good luck with the swear jar, hope it helps.

  3. crap is a safe word, as are several I try to use ,intent is still there but I will “call a firetruck” rather than use the doosie word or “oh snap” is another, finally it seems my fave expletive is “son of a buck” none are creat, but better that the real thing

  4. I definitely am not a swearer– I did go through a phase in high school where I would let some slip; but yea now I just mostly find it offensive and it doesn't help anyone get their point across.

  5. I better not come to your house. 😉 I keep most of the bad language off my blog, but not around people who I know aren't offended…

    I watch BBCAmerica and one of the chat shows on there they drop the F bomb (it's bleeped). It's funny to see American stars on the show when people drop it because they'll say, “You can say that on TV?” and the Brits look at them and say, “Yeah…” with this look as “it's just a word”. The Offspring is looking at a study abroad course in England… I think I need to move there, too. 😉

  6. Hehe this is funny. We rarely cuss, but while he was gone- I worked a lot with cussers and he was surrounded by dudes, so we both picked up bad habits. Maybe we should start one 😉

  7. Good luck with your goal. I've resorted to using the words:
    SHAKA LACKA for the moments when I'd normally say a bad word. So, try that. It is fitting… is it bad my kids say Shaka lacka?
    I hope that doesn't turn in a bad word.

  8. Dude. Don't feel bad, I'm a terrible cusser. I get in trouble all the time from my sister and her husband for swearing in front of the kids – but that's ridiculous half the time, because they think dumb and stupid are bad words *sigh* – Caden's always calling me on it!!

    And for the record, I say “crap” when I'm trying to avoid swearing. So no, I don't think it's a bad one. 😉

  9. I have a potty mouth too. I hate it and wish I didn't but there are times when shoot-dang it just doesn't cut it.

    Thanks for linking up with us.

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