Review Extravaganza – October-December 2012

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Oh. My. Gosh.  Can you believe that December is almost OVER???  Where did the month go??  Just seems like last week was January 2012!!

This is the last week to participate in the Review Extravaganza and earn points for some hot gifts that equal over $300 in prizes!

I have enjoyed meeting new people every week and seeing what your lives have consisted of in 2012.  There have been highs and there have been lows, but it’s sooooo great to experience this with all of you!  And a super special thanks to EmmyMom for allowing me to be part of this extravaganza!

This week’s theme is October through December, so grab the button and get to linking up and remember as always to visit all the wonderful hosts of this fabulous review!  (just click on their names) Emmy-EmmyMom; Lourie-CA Girl; MiMi-Living in France; Mrs. Match-Date Girl Diaries; Janette-Johanson Journey.

If you’d like to check out
Please by all means click on the links, but now let’s kick this party off right with October-December!

October – 
I tried to start a link-up where everyone could find people close to them, but it didn’t really take off.  darn!  

We got a new dog… who sadly was stolen from us a few weeks later. I know she was stolen because after a week she came home and someone came and stole her again… I can’t explain it :(.

Tbug shared some Tbugisms…. although she may not know she did… lol :).

Hubby and I used up my vacation with a trip to Kansas City where I learned what my calling should be... definitely something to do with food or being a food critic.  Hey if I wrote a cookbook, would you buy it?

My daddy had a birthday and I finally fessed up to a prank I was playing on him.

You learned a little more about 17 year old me….

And I showed you all how to open mouth and insert your foot because people aren’t always in your head to know what you’re thinking.  I promise Earl, I still thought those cookies were awesome and didn’t know such a thing existed!!!!

Tbug rode KG for the first time and we actually got Dill Pickle up on a horse by himself and excited about it.

And we kind of rounded out the month by hubby washing my car keys for me.

November –

My hubby Turned the big 3-0 on the first day of November.  The weekend prior we threw him the best surprise birthday party!

I pondered why I hide my blog from people I know…

Tbug got to spend an extra evening with us for her daddy’s birthday and then we went to breakfast before taking her home.

Tbug got to go to the AQHA World Show for the first time.

I shared funny Sonic conversations….

We ate Bacon Wrapped Turkey for Thanksgiving!! Oh yeah!

We had Thanksgiving at the Shack and then the next few days we created a blog called Tuesday’s at the Shack.

We finished out the month decorating the Christmas tree and Tbug helping me wrap Christmas presents.

Oh yeah and we can’t forget about the Letter D!!

December –
We took my Mother-in-Law to see the Showboat Branson Belle.

I told you what I thought my husband would miss about me, btw an update, he said he’d miss a whole lot more than that.  awe, he’s a keeper!!!

I shared the Farmer Style video.

I recapped my the year leading up to my 2nd year of marriage in days….  btw, people have asked how I do this.  I sit down with a calendar and count days…. yup 🙂

I had a goat ornament show up on my tree….. I still think it’s cute but I still don’t want goats!

The remote got lost in my Make-up drawer….

We went to Ft. Worth BABY!!!!!  That’s what we kind of wait all year to do!

Tbug took over one of my Christmas traditions of making and delivering Christmas cookies

I did my first ever baby photo shoot for some friends.

And then there was Christmas!!!  This was a fabulous Christmas is all I can say!

And I think this song is great sentiment!  Brad Paisley 364 Days to go!!

Now remember, you have until Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 to link up in case you’d like to include your New Years post!!

One addition they’ve made is to make some 5 goals/hopes for the new coming year.  I think my goals will be a work in progress!!!

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0 thoughts on “Review Extravaganza – October-December 2012

  1. I've enjoyed recapping with you and hope to be blog buds in the new year! I would buy your cookbook although I'm likely to never make any of it… Most of our meals come from the microwave. Hugs and look forward to your work in progress prediction/goals!

  2. Love the review! and especially your gorgeous hair when you were 17! big and curly 🙂 Cool bacon wrapped turkey – bet it was delicious!!

  3. Nice goals 😉

    Wait you never shared the baby pictures you took! I would love to see them. Baby shoots are a lot of work actually. So funny what you did for your dad's birthday.

    And yes some year I really want to try a bacon wrapped turkey.

    Thank you so much for hosting with me. It has been fun.

  4. Love that hula skirt! And what great 17 year old pics of you! I NEVER had that good of hair… Flat as a board hair and everything else… That's me! unfortunately.

  5. Love the 17 year old pictures. That's a great idea! I'm jealous of your hair. Mine was sooo flat. I have only recently learned how to style it.

    I can't believe someone stole your dog. She's so cute too. Did you ever get her back?

  6. OMG that turkey. I am not even a bacon fan and that looks good to me. I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. That's so terrible. 🙁

    Those 17 year old pics are great!

  7. I can't believe a whole year has gone by already!
    You are one busy, busy lady 😀 Always on the road and doing something super fun!
    Farmer Style cracks me up!!

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