Letter to Tbug

Dear Tbug,

Today is a new day, really just like any other day, however today is different too in that a few hours you will now have a step-mother. When I first started talking to your daddy over a year ago one comment he told me that you said was You didn’t want him to re-marry because you didn’t want a mean step-mother like you’ve seen on the movies. Wow, I still remember that even to this day. I can tell you, my goal is to never be the evil step-mother. I would absolutely love for you to just think of me as your mother, but that’s not anything I would ever force on you. You have a wonderful mother who loves you and I don’t want to replace her, but I would love to be another mother to you, not a step-mother. Your daddy and I will never force you to call me mommy, you have the option to call me what you like, well within reason… :).

This has been a learning process for all of us. I’ve never had any children of my own personally, but I have you and you are just as much my daughter as if you were blood. I know that we will butt heads and you may even hate my guts some days but I hope that we always have that close bond that we’ve started forming now that will bring it all back together.

I’ll never forget the first time you jumped out of your dad’s truck and said, “I love you, Nicole.” I’ll never forget you introducing me to the funeral director as your mommy when I was barely dating your daddy, or when you looked at me after we got engaged and said so you’ll be my new mommy right and finally the time that you said, “Ni, mo, Ni, mo… I’m just going to call you mommy because you are basically my mommy anyway.”

Your daddy and I only want the best for you. We are trying our best to get our feet firmly on the ground and create a home that you will ALWAYS be welcomed in. Not only is this marriage creating stability for your daddy, it is creating stability for you as well and I hope someday you can see that.

I hope that if anyone ever asks you what love is you’ll refer to our little family as love. I hope that he and I can be outstanding role-models for you. I hope that you’ll always think back about us and this day that you get to share with us and smile. This is going to be a trying time, it’ll be trying for all of us and as long as we try to work together, not against each other, we’ll all make it out in one piece stronger than we started.

I’ll be coming at you in a couple hours, walking down the aisle to become your daddy’s wife and your new [step]mommy! I hope you’ll great me with open arms and that beautiful smile of yours.

I love you,

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