Here Kitty Kitty

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I’ve recently mentioned but kind of breezed over the fact that we got a house cat recently.  I woke up one morning and scoped out Facebook when I saw that a friend was trying to help her friend find a home for this cat.

Now, Earl and Pokey have a cat that every time I’m at their house I take pictures of and talk to, etc.  So the joke has been that they are going to get me a cat.  I didn’t want a house cat and my dogs wouldn’t allow an outdoor cat.

I had a house cat once when I was younger, she actually lived in our basement but came up stairs when we were home to check things out.  She peed in my bean bag chair more than once, she peed on my parents bed spread, she scared the crap out of my mom when she learned how to open the basement door.  We had to pull her out of the Christmas tree more than once.  She played with the fake house plants and about knocked them off the ledge.  I loved the cat but at the same time that was enough for me to think I didn’t want a house cat.

Hubby though had been wanting one.  When I saw Sarah post about this cat on facebook, the cat was spayed, declawed and 2 years old.  So I sent hubby a message and asked if he’d like this kitty.  She was pretty, and declawed.  Declawed was my biggest thing that had to be done.  So long story short, I saved her from going to the humane society and we have a house cat out of the deal.

Bella (I did not name her!) has now lived with us around 2 months.  Here’s what’s happened so far.

The first night she stayed under our spare bed until we chased her out of that room and closed the door.  Then she stayed under our bed until we chased her out of that room.  From then on though, she sleeps on the back of the chair.  She meow’s every morning the minute the alarm goes off.  She expects hubby to sit down on the love seat and give her lovins before he’s allowed to leave for work, or trust me she gets PO’ed.

She took over Tbug’s Papasan Chair as her own.

She comes in and sleeps while I’m doing homework and will share the Papasan chair with hubby, but gives me dirty looks when I try to sit in it.

Her favorite place to perch when we’re trying to go to sleep is on hubby’s hip.  Now she does have those pesky back claws and we learned the other night if I drift off to sleep and then startle awake, she will dig those back claws into hubby’s hip as she’s trying to get the heck out of dodge.

One night she thought that my side of the bed was the side to sleep on and wouldn’t let me lay down until I made her scamper away.

She eyeballs my milk on my cereal every morning but when I give her some in her bowl she scoffs at it and leaves it there to create science projects in the kitchen.

She’s not afraid to take the tv remote from you as hers and even change the channel.

And most recently she has decided to start redecorating the house.  She didn’t like hubby’s belt wherever she found it so she strung it across the floor.  My house shoes wind up all over the house.  Who needs cords where they are out of the way?  and Tbug’s stuffed animals don’t stand a change.

Oh and as of last night, she thinks of herself as somewhat of a scholar and decided to read my paper I was writing for school.

Ah, the wonderful, joyful life of a cat.  Nope, I wouldn’t trade her for the world but she does leave me scratching my head from time to time.

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7 thoughts on “Here Kitty Kitty

  1. Lol! Cats really do seem to be such interesting creatures, so many of them really do seem to come with an attitude. We always had a dog growing up, not much of a cat person myself

  2. Oh how fun! Cats are such silly creatures (: I would love to get a kitten but our dogs don't like cats whatsoever so it's a no go. But they are so fun, funny, and curious!

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