Things I've learned…. School Edition

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Here I am, Tuesday morning, sitting in the library waiting to go to class and all I can think about are the things I’ve learned since coming back to school…

  • I’ve learned where the library is.  I must admit, working on my bachelor’s degree I had no clue where the library was.
  • People dress weird.  Either that or I do….
  • British Literature is gory, especially Shakespeare.
  • I had to relearn how to write a paper.  I’m still working on this fact…
  • My backpack weighs about 24lbs.  No wonder my lower back hurts.  Question, why didn’t it hurt my first time through?  Less work or was it cause I was younger?
  • Laptops are the it thing to have.  We were lucky to have desktops when I went through the first time.  Man what have times come to in the last 12 years!
  • And on top of that, a lot of people have Mac’s.  It kind of makes me giggle.  
  • Kids today (no offense because I was probably that way) have no idea what it’s like to be in the real world.  I love when they say, I’m not ready for this to be reality.  School isn’t reality sadly.  If only we all got summer breaks, fall breaks, winter breaks and spring breaks.
  • I learned that England had a pretty interesting history/past.  And I’m only taking English classes.
  • Going to a different school for my Master’s than what I did for my Bachelor’s is also teaching me some things.  In some ways they are identical and other ways they are totally different.  I’m still learning.

Ok I think that is enough of a list for the time being. That and I need to wrap it up so I can actually go to class.  Wish me luck, we’re watching Othello by Shakespeare.

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    0 thoughts on “Things I've learned…. School Edition

    1. I don't think it is your that dresses weird but everyone else, it seriously baffles me what I see kids wearing now (and yes that made me sound like an 80 year old by saying that). It would definitely be a very different experience going back to school at this stage in life.

    2. Okay, you're are making me want to go back to school and study English Literature because I could read some Shakespeare right now…and watch Othello! That sounds way more fun than studying law and reading boring cases (even those really boring old property cases from England…haha!). Hope you are enjoying the experience!

    3. Kids these days dress so weird! I know I'm not much older.. but I sure don't dress like that ha ha 😀 I really wish I could go back to college, maybe one of these days!
      I would totally own a Mac laptop and take it to college!

    4. I know things have changed in the five years since I graduated! I think it's hilarious when the kids complain about their online classes. I'm like, “Um, we didn't even have online classes!”

    5. I'm sure it's not you that has strange taste in clothes. At our sons campus I'm astounded by the weird shit kids wear now days lol

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