Cows Gotta Eat Too

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First and foremost I’d like to wish my dad a Happy Birthday!!!  Work has him busy so I won’t get to see him today, but don’t worry, I called him first thing this morning to wish him a happy Birthday!

So yesterday when hubby got home from work he told me to give him a bit and then drive over to his mom’s so I could pick him up.  We’ve been needing to mow hay over there but fighting a rain storm every weekend for the past few weeks.  Finally we got a clearing so we hooked up the mower and took off.  He had to drive in to town for diesel in the tractor since we didn’t have any diesel tanks at our house.  I guess he got quite a few looks driving a tractor down city streets… lol.

When he got to his mom’s house, he asked if I wanted to go over and work with Snookums (the original plan) or if we wanted to go ahead and start mowing hay at his mom’s house.  We choose option B.

By the time we got the first field done, the son decided to start setting and boy was that view gorgeous.  My iPhone doesn’t even do it justice.  This was one of those moments I was kicking my own butt for not having my dSLR with me!  We decided to go ahead and move on to the back pasture.  This time we were mowing by the headlights on the tractor.  The back light was trying to die so keeping track of the mower conditioner was difficult but we managed. 

We did one huge round around the entire hay field and then broke it up into 4ths basically and got 1 4th of it mowed before we just totally lost daylight and the dew started setting in causing the hay to clump up and not want to come out of the mower quite as easily.

Here recently hubby was able to get a radio to put in the tractor so at least we can jam out while mowing hay.  The camera on my iPhone doesn’t nearly take as good of video in the dark as my camera takes photos, but listen to the beautiful music I got to hear.  Lately it seems like hubby hasn’t sang as much as he used to but he sure did last night!  Music to my ears :). lol.  I love that boy.

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7 thoughts on “Cows Gotta Eat Too

  1. I was just thinking the other day, that I haven't heard Chris sing in awhile. Maybe that means I just need to spend more time with him. He said he rocks out in the tractor everyday. In fact he even bought a harmonica, because his voice was getting horse from singing! haha

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