Snoring Cats, App Notifications & Happy Dogs

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Here I am, Thursday morning sitting at my house.  It’s quite different than most Thursday mornings because we’re on fall break.  I’m not stressing about this has to be done today or that has to be done tomorrow, I’m just sitting here enjoying nothing.  Sadly, I’ve been awake since hubby’s alarm went off.  Not because his alarm went off because I can usually get back to sleep (we run a bit of a different morning schedule so I take advantage of sleeping in) but like clock work the cat comes and starts meowing.  In fact, on Saturday and Sunday’s she comes in meowing when his alarm should go off and then again when my alarm should go off.  Do you think she sets her own alarm?  Or maybe she can read a clock?

So I woke up and watched “The Lucky One” with Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling.  Then watched (or more listened to…) The Middle.  Now the cat and I are watching The Princess Diaries.

So I misplaced my phone somewhere here on the bed a bit ago and I heard the cat snoring or something.  It was the cutest thing but by the time I found my phone she quit.  I’m not sure if she felt me moving or what.  Darn!  I really wanted to video it but didn’t happen.  Maybe next time.

So once I found the phone it was sitting next to me and I got a pop up notice.  Hubby recently downloaded an app called Memoir

I’m not really sure about it much.  I haven’t had time I swear to breathe little lone look at new apps.  But it hooks up the photos in your phone and your photos on instagram and your photos on facebook and whatever else you hook up and apparently it sends you notifications of photos you’ve taken in the past.  So, here’s the photo I took 1 year ago today.  Sad really….

So that happens to be my Thursday morning.  Sounds like a fun one doesn’t it?  Goals for today or at least by the end of the week is to get my paper re-written for Intro to Writing about Literature.  If you’d like I could share it with you, it’s a Reader response paper based off the poem, “The Cow” by Andrew Hudgens.  Fun stuff!  It’s almost finished and I’m chomping at the bit to turn it back in.
Happy Thursday y’all!  I’ll leave you with Marlie so proud of her bone and happy hubby and I are home.

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