The Cat Made My Hand Hurt

Saturday night I heard weird noises outside so I let the dogs come sleep in the house.  Sunday morning when I woke up I got up to go let the pups out and the cat was wandering around the living room.  I don’t really know how the cat will react to the dogs or the dogs will react to the cat so I went to pick the cat up and carry her into the bedroom to hang out with hubby while I put the pups out and the cat didn’t like me picking her up.  Now she’s front declawed, but she still has those mean ol’ back claws and look at what she did to my poor hand.  To say it hurts would be a bit of an understatement.

Let’s just say the cat went down the hallway and I had a few explicit choice words.  I’m not even sure what I said but I know it did include OUCH!

So I chased the cat the rest of the way down the hall by stomping my feet at her and then put the dogs out.  Audrey thought that she maybe smelled something she should check out but I told her to go to the door and luckily she listened.  Again I’m not sure how the dogs and the cat will react around each other….

I wasn’t real happy with the cat so she steered clear of me most of the day.  Later in the evening JT and hubby were in the house playing with hubby’s Infrared thermometer, you know picking on the poor cat.  Don’t worry, I took video 🙂
[youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

Awe, the poor cat.  We were having fun picking on her. 

Then I had to go lock myself in my office so I could work on re-writing a paper for school.  After a while hubby came in to check on me when it was time for a shower and bed.  When I got out of the shower, I went into the office to grab my stuff and look who I found sleeping on my chair.  Hubby said she was apologizing for my hand earlier this morning.

It’s soooooo hard to stay mad at her but I’ll admit, my hand still really hurts.

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Snoring Cats, App Notifications & Happy Dogs

Here I am, Thursday morning sitting at my house.  It’s quite different than most Thursday mornings because we’re on fall break.  I’m not stressing about this has to be done today or that has to be done tomorrow, I’m just sitting here enjoying nothing.  Sadly, I’ve been awake since hubby’s alarm went off.  Not because his alarm went off because I can usually get back to sleep (we run a bit of a different morning schedule so I take advantage of sleeping in) but like clock work the cat comes and starts meowing.  In fact, on Saturday and Sunday’s she comes in meowing when his alarm should go off and then again when my alarm should go off.  Do you think she sets her own alarm?  Or maybe she can read a clock?

So I woke up and watched “The Lucky One” with Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling.  Then watched (or more listened to…) The Middle.  Now the cat and I are watching The Princess Diaries.

So I misplaced my phone somewhere here on the bed a bit ago and I heard the cat snoring or something.  It was the cutest thing but by the time I found my phone she quit.  I’m not sure if she felt me moving or what.  Darn!  I really wanted to video it but didn’t happen.  Maybe next time.

So once I found the phone it was sitting next to me and I got a pop up notice.  Hubby recently downloaded an app called Memoir


Here Kitty Kitty

I’ve recently mentioned but kind of breezed over the fact that we got a house cat recently.  I woke up one morning and scoped out Facebook when I saw that a friend was trying to help her friend find a home for this cat.

Now, Earl and Pokey have a cat that every time I’m at their house I take pictures of and talk to, etc.  So the joke has been that they are going to get me a cat.  I didn’t want a house cat and my dogs wouldn’t allow an outdoor cat.

I had a house cat once when I was younger, she actually lived in our basement but came up stairs when we were home to check things out.  She peed in my bean bag chair more than once, she peed on my parents bed spread, she scared the crap out of my mom when she learned how to open the basement door.  We had to pull her out of the Christmas tree more than once.  She played with the fake house plants and about knocked them off the ledge.  I loved the cat but at the same time that was enough for me to think I didn’t want a house cat.

Hubby though had been wanting one.  When I saw Sarah post about this cat on facebook, the cat was spayed, declawed and 2 years old.  So I sent hubby a message and asked if he’d like this kitty.  She was pretty, and declawed.  Declawed was my biggest thing that had to be done.  So long story short, I saved her from going to the humane society and we have a house cat out of the deal.

Bella (I did not name her!) has now lived with us around 2 months.  Here’s what’s happened so far.

The first night she stayed under our spare bed until we chased her out of that room and closed the door.  Then she stayed under our bed until we chased her out of that room.  From then on though, she sleeps on the back of the chair.  She meow’s every morning the minute the alarm goes off.  She expects hubby to sit down on the love seat and give her lovins before he’s allowed to leave for work, or trust me she gets PO’ed.

She took over Tbug’s Papasan Chair as her own.

She comes in and sleeps while I’m doing homework and will share the Papasan chair with hubby, but gives me dirty looks when I try to sit in it.

Her favorite place to perch when we’re trying to go to sleep is on hubby’s hip.  Now she does have those pesky back claws and we learned the other night if I drift off to sleep and then startle awake, she will dig those back claws into hubby’s hip as she’s trying to get the heck out of dodge.

One night she thought that my side of the bed was the side to sleep on and wouldn’t let me lay down until I made her scamper away.

She eyeballs my milk on my cereal every morning but when I give her some in her bowl she scoffs at it and leaves it there to create science projects in the kitchen.

She’s not afraid to take the tv remote from you as hers and even change the channel.

And most recently she has decided to start redecorating the house.  She didn’t like hubby’s belt wherever she found it so she strung it across the floor.  My house shoes wind up all over the house.  Who needs cords where they are out of the way?  and Tbug’s stuffed animals don’t stand a change.

Oh and as of last night, she thinks of herself as somewhat of a scholar and decided to read my paper I was writing for school.

Ah, the wonderful, joyful life of a cat.  Nope, I wouldn’t trade her for the world but she does leave me scratching my head from time to time.

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26 Truths in the form of ABC's

I like Apples but the green ones really are my favorite. 

I had a dream about Bananas on Wednesday night last week, no joke.  My mom bought 50 of them and I was helping her eat them.  (Remember that was a dream, she really didn’t buy 50 Bananas.  I wasn’t even at my mom’s house the day before or anything… just totally random)

Earl & Pokey keep claiming they’re going to get me a Cat because I always take their kitty’s picture and talk to the kitty.  I’m really not a huge cat person, but I like theirs and I really don’t want a house cat.

I have 3 Dogs that I absolutely love, but I claim all 4 of my parents dogs as mine still, technically one is, but he lives there.

Every morning that my husband leaves the house and I’m not going with him, we have a run down of the same things I say to him along with a kiss.

I am a self-proclaimed Foodie. (recipes, restaurants)


Tractors should be Green and Trucks should be Red 🙂 Actually, I’m not racist, I’ll drive a red tractor any day! 🙂

I’m not real sure I look good in Hats.

I fed an Iguana a banana when I studied abroad in Costa Rica.

I Jumped a lot during the movie 6th Sense with Bruce Willis, which also happened to be one of the first dates I ever went on.  We remained friends.

I bought 2 Kites a few weeks ago so that Tbug, hubby and I could all fly them.  Coolest {step}mom ever?  Probably not.

I have a Yellow Lab, a brindle black Cocker Spaniel and a white Great Pyrenees.  They are my girlfriends.

My hair is kind of a Mousy brownish color.  So I add highlights to give it a little dimension.

My middle Name is actually Nicole, but that is the name I go by.  Just for your information, don’t name your kids a first, middle name and then call them by their middle.  It creates mass chaos for the rest of their life! (I love you mom and dad!)

I used self tanning spray in high school and actually turned a strip of my leg Orange.

I’ve decided I should quit drinking water because water makes you Pee.  At least my kidneys are working but I get tired of always walking to the bathroom (tmi I’m sure, also consequently “Water makes you pee” is a line I used on a first date with a guy.  Yeah we ended up friends but still he wanted to date me after that line)

I have made 2 Quilts in my life surprisingly enough.  I still have one and it hangs on my wall at home for which hubby gets a lot of grief about…

A few years ago I had a Pyrenees named Rolex because she was in fact, A Watch Dog. yuck yuck yuck, but that’s the truth.

Somewhere with You by Kenny Chesney is one of my favorite songs he sings.  It also helped me find the rattle in my car speakers.

My first name starts with a T, therefore why the blog address, TNICOLEJ but I really think I should change it.  I’m just not sure to what…

I have 3 Umbrellas and have misplaced every. single. one. of them.  Not such a good thing to do when it is rainy season, but sometimes I walk in the rain hoping not to scare it away!

I am Very tired still… not sure if I’m not getting enough sleep or if this time change is still affecting me.

This is the last Week of the first 6 Week Workout of Revolt Now Fitness and I’m still enjoying it.  It challenges me which is good and sometimes I have to modify just a bit, but hubby says he can tell a difference.  That’s good, right?  I still can’t see anything.

I had an Xray one time and they asked me about 6 times if I was pregnant.  My answer every time was obviously no but I was getting annoyed.

I’ve started saying Yes to things that normally I might have said no to, trying to come out of my shell and experience new things.  I would say it’s working! (i.e. scuba diving, parasailing, shooting hand guns, bows & arrows, etc and no I may not have said no, I’m just also getting the opportunities, which is a definite plus to helping say yes!)

I guess until I have my own kid someday, I’ll never get into the Zoo for free on Mother’s Day because Tbug gets to spend time with her mommy.  Oh well, someday, maybe.  Hey Earl, I’m stealing borrowing one of your kids!

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Church, Coon Hunting & Glow in the Dark Bubbles Oh My

Saturday morning hubby went turkey hunting with Pokey & TB.  When they finished up, they left it open ended that they might go back out in the afternoon, especially since youth season is only 2 days.  So late Saturday afternoon hubs asked Earl if Pokey and TB were going back out.  Instead though, she said that they were going to Church and wondered if we wanted to go with them.

Church… on Saturday….   Sure, why not?!?!  So we met up at A’s house and all headed to Church.  And might I add, quite an interesting topic the preacher preached on.

Afterwards, we made plans to meet back up at Earl & Pokey’s house because we were going to go Coon Hunting.  I may or may not have even used the comment, “I’m going to get my Redneck on.”

And Poor Cara Jo might have even questioned our sanity.

TB loaded up Smoke while Pokey, Earl and the other kiddo’s ate dinner and then we all headed out.

Once we got where we were going, btw don’t ask me :)… Pokey put the tracking collar on Smoke and turned him lose.  Then we stood around in the dark listening to the frogs croak.

Eventually we heard Smoke howling like he was on the trail of one.  Supposedly they told me that if he’s on the trail he barks and then silence, barks, silence, etc.  Once he has it treed it just carries on.  Now the tracking collar has a GPS Unit on it so it makes it easy to track him down.

Sure enough, he had one treed.  So then we decided to head back to the truck and scout out another place.  Coon’s aren’t in season right now, so this is practice to keep the dogs on top of their game.

Earl and Zebra girl doing their impressions of a Racoon.

When we got to the next stop, Pokey turned Smoke lose but he refused to go into the woods.  At the previous place we heard a “cat” cry (cat as in a bob cat or mountain lion or something huge) and they think that’s why Smoke refused to go in the woods.

Then hubby and Pokey got to noticing the different paw/hoof prints in the mud and figured there was a big “cat” somewhere.

The paw print we found was approx 4 inches in diameter which means it was a big kitty.

So everyone turned their lights on and started looking through the mud prints trying to see what different animals we could spot that had been through this particular field.

Not bad for a night.  We at least got one treed!

Then we went back to the house and hubby had broke out one of those glow in the dark sticks, you know the ones people wear as necklaces and bracelets, where you bend them and they glow.  But this was a huge one.  Earl mentioned that she saw on Pinterest where you could add those to bubbles and have glow in the dark bubbles, so of course we had to try it out!

Not sure if you can really tell or not, but there is a bubble and it was glowing blue.  Plus the wand was glowing and the bubbles were glowing inside the jar.

That is seriously looking into the jar.  And all these photos were taken with my iPhone.  Imagine if I’d have had my big girl camera!

Then they poured some of it on a piece of machinery Pokey & Earl had in their yard and lit it up.

Well of course after they did that and saw that it would work, the next logical thing to do would be to go lay in the road and trace a body print, right?  Right!

And while you’re at it, write your name too… sure why not.

And this was the outline on Sunday, still showed up on the road.  We’d sure like to know if people saw this and what they really thought!

Who says you have to spend a lot of money to have fun?!?!

Christmas Cookies


I just wanted to drop in and say I hope you and your family have a….


And share with you the:

Christmas Cookie Rules…

1. If you eat a Christmas cookie fresh out of the oven, it has no calories because everyone knows that the first cookie is the test and thus calorie free.


Spot the Cat

This is test for those with acute sight and perceptive skills.

I think pilots should take no more than 12 seconds – if they’re fighter pilot qualified, no more than 5 or they’ve been blown out of the sky by a stealth fighter with an enemy flag on the tail.

For anyone claiming 2-3 seconds, you qualify for the bar exam and will be a successful defense attorney for New York.

If you can spot the cat within 15 seconds then you are great……
It is not behind the door… It’s out in the open….

So obvious once you find it; so frustrating when you can’t!!!

P.S. The answer is here if you absolutely must 🙂

LOL Kitteh’s

Ever heard of the lol kitteh’s? They are cute and funny. Not always do they make sense and boy do they need to learn how to spell! but I found them on the lol kitteh’s website. I was introduced to them by some co-workers. They are cute. I also now have an app on my iPhone for them. You should check them out sometime. For now I’ve been kind enough to share a few cute ones I saw this morning.

sexy kitteh