26 Truths in the form of ABC's

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I like Apples but the green ones really are my favorite. 

I had a dream about Bananas on Wednesday night last week, no joke.  My mom bought 50 of them and I was helping her eat them.  (Remember that was a dream, she really didn’t buy 50 Bananas.  I wasn’t even at my mom’s house the day before or anything… just totally random)

Earl & Pokey keep claiming they’re going to get me a Cat because I always take their kitty’s picture and talk to the kitty.  I’m really not a huge cat person, but I like theirs and I really don’t want a house cat.

I have 3 Dogs that I absolutely love, but I claim all 4 of my parents dogs as mine still, technically one is, but he lives there.

Every morning that my husband leaves the house and I’m not going with him, we have a run down of the same things I say to him along with a kiss.

I am a self-proclaimed Foodie. (recipes, restaurants)


Tractors should be Green and Trucks should be Red 🙂 Actually, I’m not racist, I’ll drive a red tractor any day! 🙂

I’m not real sure I look good in Hats.

I fed an Iguana a banana when I studied abroad in Costa Rica.

I Jumped a lot during the movie 6th Sense with Bruce Willis, which also happened to be one of the first dates I ever went on.  We remained friends.

I bought 2 Kites a few weeks ago so that Tbug, hubby and I could all fly them.  Coolest {step}mom ever?  Probably not.

I have a Yellow Lab, a brindle black Cocker Spaniel and a white Great Pyrenees.  They are my girlfriends.

My hair is kind of a Mousy brownish color.  So I add highlights to give it a little dimension.

My middle Name is actually Nicole, but that is the name I go by.  Just for your information, don’t name your kids a first, middle name and then call them by their middle.  It creates mass chaos for the rest of their life! (I love you mom and dad!)

I used self tanning spray in high school and actually turned a strip of my leg Orange.

I’ve decided I should quit drinking water because water makes you Pee.  At least my kidneys are working but I get tired of always walking to the bathroom (tmi I’m sure, also consequently “Water makes you pee” is a line I used on a first date with a guy.  Yeah we ended up friends but still he wanted to date me after that line)

I have made 2 Quilts in my life surprisingly enough.  I still have one and it hangs on my wall at home for which hubby gets a lot of grief about…

A few years ago I had a Pyrenees named Rolex because she was in fact, A Watch Dog. yuck yuck yuck, but that’s the truth.

Somewhere with You by Kenny Chesney is one of my favorite songs he sings.  It also helped me find the rattle in my car speakers.

My first name starts with a T, therefore why the blog address, TNICOLEJ but I really think I should change it.  I’m just not sure to what…

I have 3 Umbrellas and have misplaced every. single. one. of them.  Not such a good thing to do when it is rainy season, but sometimes I walk in the rain hoping not to scare it away!

I am Very tired still… not sure if I’m not getting enough sleep or if this time change is still affecting me.

This is the last Week of the first 6 Week Workout of Revolt Now Fitness and I’m still enjoying it.  It challenges me which is good and sometimes I have to modify just a bit, but hubby says he can tell a difference.  That’s good, right?  I still can’t see anything.

I had an Xray one time and they asked me about 6 times if I was pregnant.  My answer every time was obviously no but I was getting annoyed.

I’ve started saying Yes to things that normally I might have said no to, trying to come out of my shell and experience new things.  I would say it’s working! (i.e. scuba diving, parasailing, shooting hand guns, bows & arrows, etc and no I may not have said no, I’m just also getting the opportunities, which is a definite plus to helping say yes!)

I guess until I have my own kid someday, I’ll never get into the Zoo for free on Mother’s Day because Tbug gets to spend time with her mommy.  Oh well, someday, maybe.  Hey Earl, I’m stealing borrowing one of your kids!

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0 thoughts on “26 Truths in the form of ABC's

  1. My daughter and son both go by their middle names and every time we go to the doctor and they call them by their first names they look confused. Anika's is Terri Anika and Axle's is William Axle Chet!

  2. This is a creative way of doing your ABC's!! I liked how you did it in a conversation instead of just answering next to each letter! Thanks for the help yesterday in suggesting I do this… I will try to think of what i can say–
    Hugs!! I think you look cute in a hat.

  3. I think going by your middle name is cool… I have lots of relatives who go by their middle names, so I think it's kind of a neat thing… Then again, I don't know what it's like to have the issues of dealing with it all your life. lol

    And I also never know if I look good in hats – rarely wear them, because I put 'em on and think they don't look right, and take 'em off again!!

  4. This was fun to read. I actually did that to my child…going by his middle name. Poor Evan. Haha! Actually, I don't think it is as hard for boys…his daddy survived it. 🙂

  5. Great job!! I am not a cat person and pretty sure Lucas is allergic so no risk of ever getting one. I did always have a dog growing up though.

    I am looking forward to my kids getting older so that we can expand the restaurants we go to– we eat at quite a few but are definitely limited to places we think the kids will like and do good at.

  6. My boyfriend is also someone who goes by his middle name. It's weird and I'm not a fan. I was also friends with THREE girls who's names were like that in high school.

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