Why Don't I Weigh a Ton?!?!

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Welcome Thursday!  You’re one day closer to the weekend!  And even though you are probably my least favorite day of the week, I’m still happy to see you.  Can we be friends?

So Tuesday night hubby and I were able to make it up to The Shack again for dinner.  It cracks me up because this theme was the same as Sunday Night Dinner…. Mexican.  Good thing I like Mexican food!  Although the cool thing is, usually there are different things so it’s all good, right?  Right.

Tuesday morning just before I rolled out of bed, holding on to every last second I could under the covers I checked facebook to see what I missed over night.  Come on, admit it, we find out some pretty interesting stuff on facebook, like whose kid just took a poop.  But in all honesty I’ve found out cool things like which green house is having a plant sale, or who has the best garage sales going on, etc.  So it’s not all bad!

Anyway I got on there and saw a comment from my SIL

Yeehaw!!  Nothin like cuttin onions and jalapenos at 5 in the mornin to get the sinuses etc all opened up!!!  Wooooo I’m awake now!!!

Caught my attention so I asked what she was making.  She said it was Mexican night at the Shack and were we coming.  Well we didn’t know the theme and so I talked to hubby and we decided that yes in deed we were going to go.

When we got up there, Liss was making homemade Tortilla shells.  She said she lost her original recipe so tried this one.  She said this wasn’t it, but holy yum were they good!  IMO and that’s the one that matters in this post, right? 🙂

And her coozie she didn’t want to lose.

And I don’t know what to say here…. 🙂

Note to hubby: don’t smart off at the girl holding the flour there hunny… especially when she’s your sister!  She’s not afraid to throw it at you.

Fresh made chips like this beat the store bought stuff ANY day of the week!

I told Dick if this made its way to my yard, I wouldn’t complain one bit :).

Sour cream, tomatoes & cheese for your Taco’s.

Chili Verde with Pork Tenderloin.  This is what Liss was working on at 5am.  It was worth it!

Homemade Guacamole (or as hubby calls it, Guac-and moldy).  Hello Yum!

Mexican Cheese Soup – What can I say, it’s easy and good!

Bean Burrito’s.  Not sure who made these, but sorry I didn’t try them.  I don’t like beans though… I know…. 🙁

Taco Chicken… YUM!  Memaw did good here!

Cas brought Carrot Cake

Memaw brought cookie bar thingy’s.

It was such a nice night.  The high on Tuesday was 78ish.  The low was to be in the 50s.  The high for Wednesday was 48.  Does that tell you something?  We all sat outside and enjoyed the warm weather while it lasted!

And we even had a cute puppy to play with!!

Next weeks theme…. Asian!  Wonder what that’ll bring about!

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0 thoughts on “Why Don't I Weigh a Ton?!?!

  1. All of the food looks so delicious! I now really want to have tacos, burritos, and some chips and salsa. Also an enchilada, and some rice and cheese. I'm hungry 😀

  2. LOL If I were you, I'd be HUGE! Well, I already kind of have been, and hope not to return. haha! A delicious smorgasbord like that spells doom for me, since I love food and have no willpower or shut-off valve! haha!

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