Wedding ABC’s

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The count down is on… I’m officially 5 days away from being married for 1 year.  Oh. Holy. Cow.  Someone pinch me, make sure I’m not dreaming because seriously, where has this year gone?!?!

I would guess we had between 100 and 150 attendees
I’m not really sure, that day was a whirlwind!

2 of my favorite gals!



Apple Laptop… get it?

I loved my dress, even though I didn’t want to go dress shopping.


We planned our wedding in 7 months.

I saw a bouquet on Tara’s blog and fell in love, took the photo to my florist and this is what I got.  I loved it!


The Great City of Chicago, Illinois


Justice of the Peace:
Our minister was James Lee

We had our wedding video’ed so I’ll always remember laughing through the entire ceremony (more like giggling) and grabbing hubby’s right hand instead of his left hand to put his ring on.  The minute I realized I did it wrong I fixed it and made the preacher chuckle.

Ladies Night:
We had a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party


The wedding party & I entered to:
Beauty & The Beast: Tale as old as Time
[youtube] Our First Dance:
Hank Williams Jr. Blue’s Man


Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Old, bracelet:

New, Necklace:

Borrowed, saddle ring from Aerielle:

Blue, shoes:

Main photographer was Mindy Greene of Greene Photography
Back-up Photographer was Taylor Orr
Videographer was Gregg Hall

Question Popping:
Happened at work on a Friday in front of all my co-workers.  Some were even in on it.

Was held at the Phelps House

I wanted blue shoes.  The bridesmaids and I actually wore the same shoes.  We found them in Texas because no where around home had blue shoes.

Trash the Dress:
Heck NO!!!
Repeat after me…. LOVE the dress 🙂
I plan on preserving it, I just haven’t yet.  I really want to see if a year later if I can fit into it still….

We not only did a unity candle for us, but we did a family unity candle to include his daughter because she is part of this family.

Our vows were traditional
Wedding Woes:
Our wedding got off without too many glitches.  We had one problem at first getting the church and then trying to get the bridesmaids dresses shipped in from Dallas, TX, otherwise there weren’t problems with our wedding.  I didn’t even break down with stress like a lot of brides do.  I tried to roll with the punches.
um… wouldn’t you like to know… LOL

Young Kids:
my {step}daughter and nephew were the flower girl & ring bearer

Our wedding was a mid-morning wedding so the reception was over by about 3.  We then went to our house and opened the gifts and then headed to Fayetteville, AR and stayed the night at a hotel close to the airport.  We were so wound up that we didn’t get to sleep until after midnight and were up at 4am so we could go to the airport and I could get frisked by security because of the bobbypins in my hair at 5am.  Fun times!!!  Once we got to the hotel and checked in we crashed for a couple hours until our theater ticket time.  We went to see Shrek!

Not bad for 5am eh?

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  1. Wow!! Seems like just yesterday you were blogging your countdown to wedding and then sharing the pictures of and recapping your special day!! I can't believe it's been a year!! 🙂

  2. This is so fun! Your wedding was just beautiful. I had my dress preserved right after the wedding but and when I wanted to try it on for our anniversary I realized the box is glued shut! So I'm trying to decide if I want to just break it open or not next year. 🙂

  3. Aww, Yay! We're a couple days behind you. Can you believe it's a year already? Are you guys planning anything special? We want to but can't think of anything. We've also come to the slow realization that we've totally screwed ourselves travel/flight/hotel wise with getting married & having our anniv. around Labor Day. Prices are always jacked up. Not smart. LOL

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