Camping Adventures

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Here we are, approaching the end of my time for my 101 in 1001 list.  Wednesday this week in fact is the last day.  Holy cow, it has been that long?  Anyway, one of the things on my list was to go camping.  The second was to spend the weekend at the lake.  So, this last weekend I actually knocked both of those off my list.

Here is our home for the weekend.

About a week ago AL & JT asked Earl, Pokey, the kids, hubby and me to meet up with them at Beaver Lake.  Earl and the kids were in for sure.  Pokey wasn’t sure at the time if he’d have to work or not, and having a tough week prior, he wasn’t able to attend.  Hubby and I weren’t really sure we could go until Thursday night/Friday morning (details are a little sketchy).

So we all loaded up and headed to Beaver Lake late Friday afternoon.

Once we got there and got our camper leveled, JT helped the 4 of us study for Scuba classes that began last night.

While we were studying, the kids were playing.  Don’t worry, the truck is in park, I swear!  And they were on our stomping ground.  The truck couldn’t have moved anyway because JT’s car and our truck were in the way.  Just want you to know the kids were ok playing here :).

Divergirl got down there about the same time we did.  After she got her area set up, she came down to eat dinner with us.

We had the option of BBQ Chicken or BBQ Pork on Hawaiian Rolls with the Red skinned potato salad, Yellow Mustard Potato Salad, Beans, Jello Parfait and Watermelon.

Divergirl brought this watermelon and Zebragirl and I couldn’t stay out of it the whole time she was cutting it up.  Yes, it was THAT good.  In fact, I want more of this particular one STAT!

After dinner we were asked to level out D the man & C’s camper.  Hubby and JT went up there and the rest of us ventured that way shortly after.

The blocks we needed were locked in the trailer, so AL, TB, Zebragirl and I went down to where Grady’s truck was to break in and try to find D the Man’s trailer keys.  When we had no luck we went back and hubby & JT went to hunt for them again, this time with luck.

Once the trailer was leveled, then it was time to help AL & JT set up their tent in front of D the Man & C’s trailer.

Once their tent was up I caught a glimpse of the moon rising up over the water and away I went to snap some photos.  This just so happened to be the longest day of the year since it was the first day of Summer.  The moon was gorgeous!

It was such a beautiful night for a walk.  Once we (hubby came down with me) got back, the kids were setting up one of the beds in the camper and relaxing together while the adults were helping AL finalize cheer uniforms for Zebragirl’s Cheer squad.  I would say we got to bed that night around 11:30 or midnight.

And we’re off on my first camping experience.

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0 thoughts on “Camping Adventures

  1. Camping is so fun! Except.. we have to do the camping in a tent thing.. which I don't mind too much… but a camper with a shower would just be way more fun! 😉

  2. Ah, this makes me miss camping! We used to go to the nicest spot when I was a kid… we'd borrow my aunt & uncle's trailer and just go for a week. Looks like so much fun!!!

  3. So did you guys stay in the trailer or tent it? I love camping but I am not a huge fan of tent camping. Love it in the trailer, too bad we sold ours last year. I don't think camping would be much fun with Hayes at this age anyway! haha

  4. Can't wait to stay in a camper sometime with my family. I grew up camping in my parent's camper and loved it! We just stayed in a cabin last weekend and it was great. 🙂

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