Lone Star Steakhouse – Branson, MO

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This weekend we took my Mother-in-law down to Branson to The Showboat Branson Belle and Silver Dollar City as well as a few other places.  Saturday night after we left Silver Dollar City where we saw the Christmas light show, it was time to find dinner.

When the restaurant that we wanted to eat at was closed for the evening we saw Lone Star just down the road and decided upon the steakhouse.

I’ve eaten at Lone Star before, however not the one in Branson.  I saw on their little flier on the table to join their e-club so I signed up.  Also, notice that decadent chocolate cake.  I so thought I might be getting a piece of that, until after I ate my meal and was totally stuffed.  Maybe next time.

They start you with Bread and Butter.  Hey, they had me at hello.  I’m so a bread person and this bread was extremely good.

As one of my sides, I ordered a Ceaser Salad.

Hubby ordered the Steak Soup.  And my Mother-in-law ordered a side salad with Honey mustard (not pictured).

We all ordered a 6oz Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin – Medium Rare.  The only differences were our sides.  I went with green beans.  The green beans were steamed so they were still a bit on the crispy side.  I thought the green beans were excellent.  The steak was cooked just right.

Hubby’s other side was loaded french fries.  I’m not going to lie, they were pretty darn good!  Part of me almost questioned my green bean choice after I tried some of his fries.

And the fry going in for a dunk in some excellent ranch dressing.  I so should have gotten a side salad after tasting this ranch.  The only two dressings you’ll see me get are Ranch or a Ceasar.

My MIL went for the garlic mashed potatoes.  I didn’t try them but she said they were good.

I was so tired by the time we left Silver Dollar City and wound up at the restaurant after I ate I practically fell asleep at the dinner table.  I’ve only ever done that a handful of times.

Sweet Dreams until next time!

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