Hotel Grand Victorian – Branson, MO

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Tbug came to stay with us last week for a few extra days.  It was a lot of fun and very exciting.  Now earlier this year, hubby got us all season passes to Silver Dollar City & White Water.  Being the end of June and warm days ahead, we thought it would be fun to take off a few days from work and head to Branson and White Water.  Hubby also decided it would be fun to stay the night down there and we’d bum around a bit to relax before our big 4th of July party.

Now the hotel we stayed at has meaning to hubby and me because this was the hotel we stayed at the first weekend we were engaged.  We came down to Branson to watch Tbug’s cheer competition.

This is one gorgeous hotel.  There are 2 pools, one outdoors and one inside.  The indoor pool was heated.  What!?!?  Yup.  There was also a hot tub.  Man, that sucker was warm :).  After spending all morning at White Water we went and played in the pool at the hotel.  We were all kind of getting a bit red when we left White Water :).

One of the best things is being greeted by this gorgeous entry when you enter the hotel.  When hubby and I stayed the first time we stayed up those stairs so it was a lot of fun to take the stairs vs the elevator.

We got a room that had 2 queen-sized beds.  We were teasing Tbug about not knowing what to do with that much room in a bed… lol.  And that door right there, we had a balcony.  Yup, that’s right.

Just ignore our things in the room… lol.  So Tbug is on the floor between the far bed and the wall.  She didn’t want to be in the picture… lol.

Our view out the balcony was of the back of the hotel and of the outdoor pool.

So here’s to one of many Branson posts… lol 🙂

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