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Happy Labor Day. This supposedly marks the end of Summer even though we don’t officially hit fall until the end of this month… figure that one out!

Just for a reason to make your day and help you laugh on a Monday (even though if you’re a lucky one you have the day off so you’re already happy)…

My Saturday, let me tell you what!

I was abruptly woke up around 7am Saturday morning with a head crashing in to mine and a giggle from the baby. I should have known that was just the start of things.

We all laid in bed and watched a few episodes of Pioneer Woman until hubby started getting up and getting dressed. I thought we were going somewhere so I quickly got myself up and dressed and the baby. Turns out, we weren’t.

So baby girl and I went in and made Pancakes for breakfast.

Around 11am she was getting cranky. Hubby finally fixed my fog light on my car after 4 years of begging but he and his friend Robert had to drive to town to get something to fix it. When he got back he brought me a Sweet Tea from Sonic. I was laying on the bed with the baby trying to get her down for a nap.

I finally got her to sleep, tucked a pillow in on my side of the bed, moved her into the middle of the bed and tucked a pillow into hubby’s side of the bed, you know create rails for her. (remember we were laying on my bed because I was laying with her. I don’t fit in the crib….)

I was quietly backing away from the bed because moving her over into the middle of the bed she started to wake up but quickly went back to sleep. And that’s when it happened. I backed into the Sweet Tea sitting on the corner of the night stand and knocked it all over our {white} carpet and into the hallway. It was loud too.

First thought was crap I just woke up the baby. I didn’t. Then oh crap I have to get this tea up NOW! I didn’t get even one sip of that tea. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be for me to have Sweet Tea Saturday. Oh well…

And on that note I’ll leave you with one last comment… I just heard a Kmart commercial playing Christmas music. While I love Christmas and Thanksgiving and am totally waiting, kind of impatiently, I’m not ready because of Comps. I have to get through those First.

Happy Labor Day! Peace out!

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