The Day I Drove My Husband Nuts… Coronavirus Day 34

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Honestly, why am I recording all of this? Because someday I’m going to look back and see this and remember. Truthfully, maybe I don’t want to remember some of this. This Pandemic is nuts. It sucks too. But I’m trying to make the most of it. Plus, I can’t seem to sit still. It’s not like I went a lot of places before all of this, but the thought that I can’t has me stir crazy. Stir crazy enough to go all over our place looking for scrap to haul off. Not because I want the money, but because I want the crap gone.

Once I was done with our house, I went off to my parents. In fact, the more I think about it, I might be driving my dad nuts too.

I hooked up to our trailer and loaded up all the metal scrap we had. Then I went to my parents and loaded up all of dad’s stuff. We also had old tires to get rid of so I made plans with our local tire shop to dispose of those as well. We had my flatbed loaded down with scrap. Want to know the sad part of it? I made $35. It cost me $20 to get rid of all the old scrap. But whatever, it got rid of the nasty metal on our property that I had nothing else to do with.

Metal prices are down right now. Once upon a time, this could have brought me closer to $100 but whatever… I got rid of the crap.

Then we went to the tire shop. Later, Jennifer called me and said that I was in big trouble. One of the tires I brought had a snake in it. Her daughter had a bad run-in with a copperhead a few years back and was in the hospital because of it. They all hate snakes. Don’t worry, I’m not a fan either.

After I was done with that, I went home and burned all the wood I found mixed in with our scrap. I’m sick of the junk apparently. About as sick as I am of sitting indoors.

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