The car & the snake

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I’m writing tomorrows blog post tonight and posting it tonight because well… this one time I found a snake in my car. The end… okay I’ll explain and no this isn’t a joke… I wish it was!

I had plans to meet my mom this morning (aka Thursday). I always debate going the backroads or the front roads, really it’s 6 of one half a dozen the other. I chose to drive the back roads… From my house you jump over a road. In doing so you go across a river and then down into bottoms. Toward the end of the bottoms you cross a railroad track, go up to a stop sign and proceed on.
I got around the railroad track and heard a hiss. While I was still at my house my Father in law was there and so I put Abug in the car and turned the AC on while I talked to him because it was HOT.
When I heard the hissing sound I thought it was the AC working hard because it was hot even though I’ve never heard that sound before. I heard the sound again and thought to a thing I saw on facebook about snakes falling out of people’s dashes. Of course that freaked me out. I kept driving and heard it again. This time I looked in the passenger side floor board and saw it… the snake. Then panic kicked in. By this time I was through the stop sign on the next stretch of road. I debated, do I stop here (no shoulder), do I go back home (really 3 miles roughly… maybe not quite), should I drive into town and leave it in a parking lot (that’s further than my house), do I go on to mom and dad’s (that’s further than my house), hey there’s a church back there I could pull in to. Decisions decisions.
I called hubby at work. He asked me where I was and I couldn’t think. By this time I was shaking so bad I’m surprised I didn’t drive into the ditch. I think it was because Abug was with me and I had to keep her safe. Hubby told me to call his dad since he was at our house. Somehow by this point I turned around and went back to the church. I don’t remember turning around. So I stopped at that church and got myself and Abug out of the car. I called Marlin but because of his bad cell service (at our house) and mine where we were we couldn’t hear each other. Thank goodness he now has texting (only as of a month ago). I shot him a text and told him what road I was on and that I was at the church. Come help get a snake out of my car. He said he’d be right there.
Meanwhile, a couple trucks went by. A few minutes later they came back by and stopped and asked if I was ok and did I need help. I pointed at my car and said, there’s a snake in my car. The guy in the drivers seat (who went to school with my dad and hubby’s dad) kind of got this grin on his face and said, “Did you just say there’s a snake in your car?” I shook my head yes and said, there’s a snake in my car.

There were 2 guys in one truck, Darrin (one of the sons) in the second truck, and then their third truck pulled up with one of them. So they came and crawled all over my car looking for this snake. No luck. My father in law went to the wrong road/wrong church so he finally showed up. They left me with him and he crawled all over my car. No luck. So he offered to drive my car home and I moved Abug’s carseat over to his van and drove his van back to my house.
I sent my mom a text and asked if she’d come get us and she said she would. When my mom got to my house we took Abug over to the truck and buckled her in. I had a water in the cup holder and decided that I would grab it out of the car. I figured the snake wouldn’t mind. I opened up my drivers side door and THERE WAS THE SNAKE LOOKING ME STRAIGHT IN THE FACE. (Holy cow typing that is giving me goose bumps again!)
I Screamed, slammed my door shut, and ran across my driveway all the way to our hayfield. (I should mention it’s about 20 yards). My mom looked at me like what the heck and I screamed SNAKE!
So here we are more than 12 hours later and as far as I know the darn snake is still in my car. I threatened to burn my car… Okay so that’s a bit dramatic but I have the chills just thinking about this. Did I ever mention I. DON’T. DO. SNAKES? Just gonna throw that out there.
I’ll keep you updated on the status……

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