Memorial Day Weekend 2017

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Memorial Day Weekend was spent at Beaver Lake. The night before we left to go down there, Deb and Grady said they were having difficulty getting all the trailers down so we volunteered to pull the dive trailer down for them. When we got to the lake, I had to giggle at the “big” truck pulling the little trailer. It’s a bathroom cleaner thing for campers but that sight just made me giggle so hard.

These 3 are back together again. Wow, did they make quite the team… they are the next round of shenanigan makers!

Pete and Sisco were so excited to be back at the lake. The lake was up again this year.

I was in an ornery mood and started sending pictures to my mom bragging about where we were while she was at work. haha.

A friend asked where I was at. I said sitting on a rock and sent her this picture. haha. I was in an ornery mood I guess.

This is my new tank. His name is Steve the Tank. My iPhone named him. One day I was trying to text hubby and say something about a new Steel tank and it came out Steve so he has hence forth been named Steve.

When we got there, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then Tbug got geared up and went diving with Diver Dan.

It was interesting that our entry points and exit points off the shore look different because of the water levels being up. And look at all the silt that has settled out of the water on to the bottom. Normally the bottom isn’t THIS covered with silt.

Deb and Grady had classes Memorial Day Weekend. One of the students lost one of her fins. These new fins sink where as mine that are a couple years older actually float on the surface. So I geared up and Tbug, Dan, and I went out to try and find this fin. Last year on Memorial Day Weekend we sent a search party out for my water camera. This year it was out after a lost fin. Now… the camera was found in 6 minutes… the fin was found in 3 days…. I guess you can tell we didn’t have luck, right? Oh… and this was also Steve the Tank’s maiden voyage.

After classes were over, we went back up to camp. Carlene brought Chicken Salad Sandwiches and we had homemade ice cream for dessert.

Everyone was tired so we called it a night.

Saturday morning we went back to the dive site.

There were chances of rain all weekend and that morning we swore we were going to get poured on. By about 10am or so the clouds all burned off and we had sunny weather all the rest of the day.

I think Snickers and Cheetos are the official dive food. That and ice cream. But there is something about eating Cheetos while diving… it’s a must. I think we went through 4 bags throughout the weekend… yes, it was that bad. Don’t be fooled though, it wasn’t all just me eating them :).

This dog is a Lab. He’s the biggest baby. haha! He’d go out into the water to retrieve a bone or ball but refused to swim. He swam out to Jason and made Jason hold him.

That evening, back at camp, these two fought over who had the better stick. Replace better with bigger. Replace better with longer. You name it, they fought over it. haha.

That night we had pork tenderloin and meatloaf sandwiches that hubby and Jared cooked for the weekend before when the Red Coaters were in town for the Hydration Station.

Deb’s birthday always falls around Memorial Day Weekend. I guess a few years ago (as the story I’ve heard) Lee made Deb this Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Deb liked it so well she said he had to make it for her every year afterwards for her birthday.

Maddie’s birthday was the day before. So we sang Happy Birthday to both parties involved.

We also had ice cream. Oh… and Peanut Butter Pies made by Memaw. Grady took one, Dan took the other and they weren’t going to share. Deb made them straighten up though and share.

And the Snickers made their appearance. It all happened one year when hubby and I were arguing and I smarted off he needed a snickers to be happy or something. So that has become one of the official foods of Scuba diving.

Saturday night they were calling for horrible storms both at the lake and back home. At the lake we were fine. A little wind, a little, rain, but nothing terrible. I guess back home there was a LOT of horrible hail damage. My father in laws van was hit so hard he has over $5K in damage. My parents house didn’t get hit really so hubby’s truck was good. One guy back home had a car he owned for 3 days and I guess it took out the sunroof and other windows. It was bad. Glad we were at the lake.

All that happened to us was this shade tree was taken out. We have bets that it will still be there like this come the end of June when we’re back there for the Safari Hunt. We’ll see.

Classes commenced on Sunday.

These two became buddies. Yes, we know his grandparents and his daddy. They argued at one point for over 45 minutes over a pretend mustache. No joke.

We all played with bubbles, chatted, got in to popcorn fights, you name it, it probably happened at one point or another.

That evening back at camp we had fish tacos. I use we loosely because I don’t like fish. I got made fun of for taking this picture. I said being a blogger I’m usually the one taking the pictures so I had to prove I was around.

Memorial Day weekend 2014, when I was pregnant as all get out with Abug, Pete peed on me. I always claimed he was marking his territory and with me being that pregnant I couldn’t run. This year I can run away, so Pete sat on my foot so I could leave. I claimed he claimed me again. lol.

We had flaming onions to go with our fish tacos.

Monday Morning, Memorial Day. This was the beautiful Sunrise we woke up to.

When I got back to the camper I found the girls asleep like this.

We had to wake up early so we could go in to the NEBCO fundraiser breakfast. Every year we took a crowd. This year there were 16 of us. Not our smallest crowd but definitely not our largest. Then we headed back for the lake for classes.

After classes were finished we stopped at Short Stop for lunch before heading home. I guess Pete didn’t get his fill of water this weekend because his first stop… the pool.

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