My Weekend via Pictures & Words

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My weekend started early last week.  Hubby had a day and a half of vacation that needed to be used up.  Kind of the use it or lose it thing.  I had 3 1/2 days, so we decided to take 1 1/2 days of vacation together.  So we both went to work on Thursday morning and went home at noon to start our weekend!

When I walked in the house on Thursday afternoon hubby was snoozing on the couch. haha!  We got caught up on White Collar then we decided to head out.

In Springfield they have a cheap-o movie theater.  Basically it’s the movies right before they go out of theaters.  We decided to go there.  For $3 a person we got to see Snow White & the Huntsmen.

I liked it!  Hubby was afraid it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but I actually liked it.  It did keep me on the edge of my seat a bit, I’m not in to scary movies, but this didn’t just horrify me, just kept me on the edge of my seat.

When we left the theater the pavement was wet.  I’m not sure what that was…. j/k it had rained.  We just really haven’t seen that in so long I wasn’t sure. ha!   There was severe weather all around Springfield.  The last I heard they got 1 1/2″ in about 45 minutes.

Then we headed off to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Zio’s.  I have loved this restaurant since I was a little kid; I introduced hubby to it and it’s one of his faves as well.

After dinner we decided to go bum around the mall.  A few weeks ago hubby and I found a pair of shoes we liked for him to wear to work, but we’re cheap… and they were $75.  They aren’t typically what he would wear, otherwise $75 wouldn’t be too bad.  So we moved on.  Thursday night we were in a different store and found a similar pair for $55.  Still not willing to purchase them for that price again, not his normal type of shoe so not sure if he’d like/wear them much.  Then we went to Payless, found a similar pair for $16.99.  Sold!  Now at least he can try them out, if he likes them we’ll move on from there :).

Friday morning we woke up and decided to head to the Falls for some photo ops.

For the most part I was the model and hubby was the photographer.  It’s so funny how we have our different styles, yet they are similar too.

I had to wade through the water, and silly me didn’t wear my water shoes but instead boots so off came the boots & socks and up went the jeans.  I was a trooper. ha!  The rocks were painful on my feet.

Then we headed off to lunch & the grocery store.  We finally made it back to the house to relax and eventually start dinner.  We invited my parents over for PW’s Prime Rib & PW’s Twice Baked Potatoes.  The TBP allowed me to knock another thing off my 101 list so that was exciting!  By the way I haven’t done much with that lately…

Saturday my Mother In Law dropped Tbug off and Tbug and I made sugar cookies.  Then we went out delivering them to friends & family.  Our last delivery was to grandma & grandpa (my parents).  She really wasn’t dressed to ride horses (shorts & flipflops), but she really wanted to.  So I ran into the house and grabbed a pair of my mom’s old boots & socks and said, you can ride in shorts.  So we spent a couple hours riding horses and working on how to show a horse in Western Pleasure & Halter classes.

That evening we decided to head to the drive-in where we watched The Diary of a Wimpy Kid & The Dark Knight Rises.

Sunday we were all tuckered out so much that we woke up late.  For 2 days I had been dreaming about Biscuits & Gravy so I got up and started working on that.  Tbug came in asking what I was doing and she finished making the biscuits, then helped her daddy work on the gravy.

Then we all settled in and watched Gilmore Girls on DVD.  We planned on being lazy Sunday, but my mom called and asked if we’d like to go to lunch with them.  So we got dressed and headed to their house.  Finally after lunch (which that was a whole ordeal in itself) we made it back to my parents house around 4.  Tbug goes home at 5 but she really wanted to ride so I told her she had time.  She and Grandpa went out to ride for about 30 minutes and then it was time to put the horses up, get her changed and head to meet her momma.

We finished off with heading to Sunday Night Dinner.  Earl finally got her bathroom fixed and she was so excited for everyone to come see the new bathroom.  After Sunday night dinner we headed to our house and crashed.

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  1. Looks like you had an AWESOME mini vacation!! They can be the best kind of vacations, can't they?! 🙂

  2. sounds like a fun weekend! i have been wanting to see snow white as well and i have a theater around here that has cheap seats like that too. i need to take more advantage of it!

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