Valentine’s Day Weekend

It was a Valentine’s Day weekend. Now… if you know, the hubs proposed to me on the 12th of February 6 years ago, so it usually turns into a multi day thing. That’s just how it is. And 6 years ago when he proposed, it was on a Friday and Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday. That weekend however we found ourselves in Branson at a Cheerleading competition.

Anyway this year Valentine’s Day weekend started off with lunch with my dad and my husband followed by coming home to a present 🙂


Valentine’s Day Part 2

Once we left BassPro hubby and I took off separately from our friends. Hubby wanted to see American Sniper in theaters. Very seldom does he have a movie he just WANTS to see in theater but this was one and we had an opportunity so we took it. OMG! That is one heck of a movie!

Then we went and wandered around the mall for a bit and finally headed to dinner.

Hubby was able to get us reservations at Houlihan’s. Our first time at eating at Houlihan’s was last year when we went on our “babymoon” to Kansas City.

this picture found here

Because we ate at the one in KC, we kind of knew what we wanted already. We started with an appetizer of Classic Spinach Dip. with cheesy lavosh crackers. It was just as good as I remember. ah!


Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken – Mendenhall – Memphis, TN

Sometimes it seems like I get on a roll for a certain type of blog post and this week happens to be focused around food it feels like :). That is except for Monday’s post which was all about my sweet, darling, husband!!

So as I mentioned yesterday hubby and I found ourselves in Memphis over the weekend. Now if there is one thing about us, when we travel we prefer to try and find restaurants that aren’t “chain” restaurants that we can get around home. Now that’s not to say we won’t eat at a chain restaurant, we just avoid the ones we have readily accessible at home.

When we checked into our hotel on Saturday evening hubby asked at the front desk a good place to eat in Memphis. They asked what we were looking for and hubby said something indigenous to the area. Then he explained we’re not from around here and we like to try new places. One of the gals spoke up and said her favorite place to eat was Gus’s Fried Chicken. She asked if we liked fried chicken and hubby was like, who doesn’t :). We got to the hotel around 4:30 or 5 so we took our stuff in and killed some time before we went on the hunt for Gus’s Fried Chicken on Mendenhall. By the way, it was a hop, skip and a jump away from our hotel, score!

When we walked in the hostess seated us. We placed our order and then started playing with the camera obviously 🙂


The Cheesecake Factory – Leawood, KS

Sunday morning when we were driving around headed to Buy Buy Baby hubby pointed out that we passed a The Cheesecake Factory. I asked if he’d ever eaten at one and he said nope. We decided that’s where we needed to eat dinner.

When we walked in, his first remark was, so this is where Penny worked? (Think Big Bang Theory :)). We got there early enough that there actually wasn’t a wait. I’ve only eaten at one maybe 2 or 3 times but there has always been a wait, not this day though!!!


Houlihan’s – Leawood, KS

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that this week is Spring Break. This has been a stressful semester and I’m soooooo ready for this break. Sadly after this break it’s going to get worse so at least we get a break, right? Hubby and I decided that we needed to get away for a couple days before the baby comes the end of June and Spring Break seemed like the best time.

We actually found ourselves in Kansas City. 2 hours away, a nice little get away, plus, we like Kansas City.

One of the great things about going out of town is trying the food! Sure, we could pick a restaurant we’ve been to or one that we have around home, but what is the fun in that? Our hotel was actually in Overland Park, KS so hubby got on the Urban Spoon app and one of the places that pulled up was Houlihan’s. I got on line and found the one closest to our hotel (1.5 miles) and we knew where dinner would be!


Kellie Pickler Concert on Friday the 13th…. spooky? NOPE!

So for the last couple weeks I heard on the radio that Kellie Pickler was going to be in concert at Buffalo Run Casino. Now I really wasn’t much of a Kellie Pickler fan until I saw her on Dancing with the Stars last season and from what I can tell, she’s very down to earth and I just love her. 

So I had hubby find out how much tickets were just because I was nosey and next thing I knew, we had tickets for Friday night.

I didn’t get a picture of her microphone but it was shiny and pretty!

The cool thing was it was standing room, so as you got there, you just chose where you stood. We got fairly close to the stage. The sad part was there were some drunk girls who jumped right in front of us/beside us and the gal was using me as a leaning post most of the night. Oy! Oh and I almost wore most of her drink. I’m fairly certain she was drunk before she ever got there.

But let’s not focus on those weirdo’s… let’s focus on Kelly!

She’s a little thing, holy cow! And look at those heels. They aren’t Red High Heels, but don’t worry, she sang the song!

Definitely worth going to her concert. It was a great way to end a strenuous week too!

And the sad thing is, she should have had that room packed and it wasn’t. This girl can sing!

Ok, so isn’t he cute? I’m so glad he took me there. Thank you baby!

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AMC Dine-In Theater – St. Louis, MO

After we checked into our new hotel and got situated hubby asked what I wanted to do next.  Now, one of hubby’s fave movies right now happens to be Grown Ups.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that movie, but I like it too.  So I suggested that maybe we go relax at a movie and see Grown Ups 2.  Hubby got online and found a theater within about 5 miles of our hotel, but it just so happened to be a Dine-in Theater.  What’s that you ask?  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  If you knew, just remember I might lead a sheltered life :).

You go to the movie, they give you assigned seats, you get a menu and choose what you’d like for dinner.  And truthfully, the prices of the food happen to be the same as a sit-down restaurant.  Oh and the food, yeah it’s real food, not like just a hotdog and nachos or something :).  I believe if I remember the menu, they also had popcorn, just like a regular movie.  You have servers that come around and serve you and if you need a refill or something else, you push a button and they come to you, all while enjoying your movie. (more…)

Woody’s Wood Fire Bar & Oven {Pizza}

The Friday night before we left for St. Louis, there wasn’t a whole lot of food in our house, you know since we were going on vacation for a week.  So we decided to head to town and grab a bite to eat.  As we were driving around we were debating on what we wanted to eat when I suggested Pizza.  We went through all of our options and eventually wound up on heading to Joplin and eating at Woody’s Pizza, not to be confused with Woody’s BBQ in Webb City, just to clear that up :).

As you can see, they actually cook your food in a wood fire grill behind us.  The place doesn’t seat that many patrons, but there is also an outdoor patio area as well.


TIGÍN Irish Pub & Restaurant – St. Louis, MO

So Saturday August 3rd, hubby and I took off for St. Louis for vacation.  It was a much needed vacation for the both of us.  We got in late Saturday night so we checked into the hotel and then jumped on the Around Me app to see what restaurants were within walking distance.

One of the first ones that popped up and one we saw when we were checking in happened to be TIGÍN Irish Pub & Restaurant that was in our hotel.  We’d never eaten at an Irish food restaurant so we thought we’d give it a go.

You could enter through the outside, or through the hotel.  When we entered through the hotel side, we wound up walking through someone’s party I guess because they had someone on a microphone that announced us and the other 2 groups of people who walked in.  It was a bit embarrassing in my opinion….