Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken – Mendenhall – Memphis, TN

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Sometimes it seems like I get on a roll for a certain type of blog post and this week happens to be focused around food it feels like :). That is except for Monday’s post which was all about my sweet, darling, husband!!

So as I mentioned yesterday hubby and I found ourselves in Memphis over the weekend. Now if there is one thing about us, when we travel we prefer to try and find restaurants that aren’t “chain” restaurants that we can get around home. Now that’s not to say we won’t eat at a chain restaurant, we just avoid the ones we have readily accessible at home.

When we checked into our hotel on Saturday evening hubby asked at the front desk a good place to eat in Memphis. They asked what we were looking for and hubby said something indigenous to the area. Then he explained we’re not from around here and we like to try new places. One of the gals spoke up and said her favorite place to eat was Gus’s Fried Chicken. She asked if we liked fried chicken and hubby was like, who doesn’t :). We got to the hotel around 4:30 or 5 so we took our stuff in and killed some time before we went on the hunt for Gus’s Fried Chicken on Mendenhall. By the way, it was a hop, skip and a jump away from our hotel, score!

When we walked in the hostess seated us. We placed our order and then started playing with the camera obviously 🙂

One thing I always associate with the south, other than Sweet Tea (which is awesome in Memphis by the way) is Fried Green Tomatoes. They had them on the menu as an appetizer so hubby and I decided we needed to partake in some good ole southern food! Other than mine kept falling apart on me and I think I wore some of it, very good. Definitely something to go to the south for!!

Hubby ordered the Three Piece White which came with 2 Breasts and a Wing. Normal plates come standard with baked beans and coleslaw but you can sub some of their other sides for 50 cents so hubby subbed potato salad for his coleslaw. Might I say… the beans didn’t do it for me (but beans rarely ever do…) but the potato salad was very good. Don’t worry I didn’t eat any of his chicken because I got my own :). (this picture is missing a breast because they had to bring it out to him.)

I ordered the 2 piece white which came with a Breast and a Wing. Since I’m not a bean fan, I subbed Mac and cheese for my beans. I never realized I liked coleslaw so much until I ate this coleslaw and obviously they can all taste different but this one was awesome! The Mac & Cheese was good too. Not like any I’ve had before but darn good! And the Chicky. Oh the Chicky. Let’s just say, there might be a reason for the “World Famous” to be in their name….

I just loved the sign. It cracked me up! Oh and I didn’t get a picture of it but the building was an old brick building. I personally LOVE brick buildings.

The waitress asked if we wanted a Fried Pie for dessert. Now I must say, her accent threw me and I almost wasn’t sure what she said. I love southern accents! Hubby and I decided that we weren’t extremely hungry for pies right this minute but that we should get some to take with us. Let dinner settle a bit.

We ordered a Cherry and an Apple. She went back and had them made and brought them to us in a sack with spoons and napkins in case we needed to get into them while we were in the car :). The hotel was only about 2 miles at most or so so we dug in once we got to the hotel room. When we pulled it out of the sack, we saw that the Cherry was so hot, it melted through the Styrofoam container. Woops!

Since we got 2 pies, we split half of each to be nice and allow the other to try both! :). We’re sharing like that. Remember Sharing is Caring. (we’re not like Joey in Friends, “Joey doesn’t share food!” lol). I really thought the Cherry was going to be my absolute, mostest, favoritest…… (the computer doesn’t like my choice of words… lol)

but it turns out that I actually preferred the Apple over the Cherry. Go figure huh? But don’t get me wrong, both were EXCELLENT!

And that my friends, was our experience at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. I can tell you, it pays to ask the locals where to eat!!

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