BB King’s Blues Club – Beale St – Memphis, TN

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just a random thought… ewwww did you realize that today is Tax day?


Sometimes my husband and I just might surprise you. This weekend happened to be one of those times, I think we almost surprised ourselves actually…. Um…. we went to Memphis, TN. Wait, what, are you scratching your head too? Don’t worry cause I think so are we. The closest I’d ever been to Memphis was the airport catching a connecting flight and he might have driven through but that was it. Well that is until this weekend. I do think we might need our head examined but whatever.

Hubby said he wanted to eat at BB King’s so that’s where we went for lunch on Saturday. I had no complaints because I’m not even sure what Memphis has to offer :).

When we got there, we were afraid there was a wait to get in, but it was just a big party that was standing in the doorway. Once they were seated it was our turn. We even got seated just to the side of the band. The only bad thing is it made it loud, but the band was good so it was all good :).

Well Hello all, just wanted you to know we were actually there :). btw, isn’t he so darn cute! :).

So the waiter came by to take our order. First we ordered sweet tea. Now everyone says when you go south that the sweet tea is so sweet you can’t stand it, but let me tell you, this was some AWESOME sweet tea!

Then the waiter came to take our order. (He took mine first but still just go with the order of the pictures.) Hubby asked him what the best thing on the menu was and the waiter just smiled, wrote something down, took his menu and walked off. Hubby was like, wait what is it?!?! The waiter just shook his head and continued walking. Hubby looked at me and said, um… I hope it isn’t the $30 steak on the menu because I’m not in the mood for that.. lol.

Sadly this picture doesn’t even begin to do this food justice. When our food came hubby got half a chicken, ribs, slaw, beans and a cornbread biscuit. Yup, I do believe that waiter knew exactly what he was doing! I ate a few bites of everything on hubbys plate, including the beans and I don’t care much for beans. They weren’t bad either. But that chicken and those ribs. Holy awesomeness!

As we were driving there, I was looking at the menu on my phone. I ran across Cajun Carbonara but didn’t really think I wanted pasta until I ordered. OMG, I made a good choice! Ziti and Parmesan cream sauce with bacon, sauteed onions, scallions and crushed red peppers with blackened chicken breast. Served with garlic toast. Hello yumminess!

We did learn that sometimes it’s okay to say, what’s good and let the waiter take over. How friggin cool is that? And mine… well yum! That’s all! So have you ever been to Beale Street in Memphis? Yeah Hubby and I were following directions from the GPS and wound up driving down it when we shouldn’t have. Woops! If you saw us, hope you waved!! The barricades weren’t completely covering the street and we didn’t realize it.

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