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Boy, it’s been a short while since I posted anything. So much has been going on though, that keeping up has been slightly difficult :). My mom has been traveling non-stop with her job so trying to plan a wedding and check budgets with her, etc has been rather difficult. I love my dad, he just sits back and watches :). We have our date set, Sept 4, 2010; our colors are teal & brown; we have our wedding party; I think we have the church although as of yesterday that didn’t sound as promising as we thought… we’ll see; we have the reception hall; and the bride and groom of course, haha! While in Branson we actually bought Prince Charming’s ring and it was shipped in yesterday!! So plans are moving forward :). His ring is gorgeous… ok so he’s a guy, it’s um… manly, haha! We have created a wedding website also, you can take a peek if you want!! We even know our kitchen will be John Deere Green & yellow with John Deere stuff, but not all. Our bedroom will be brown and blue (that’s why the wedding colors, incorporate some wedding things into our bedroom to always remember that special day… yep, I was thinking ahead). My mom will be at a trade show for 2 weeks but she said when she gets back, she & my aunt are taking me for my first dress shopping. Oddly enough I’m not looking forward to that, I want to be about 50lbs lighter :)… yeah like that’ll happen but you never know :). Besides what’s it truly matter, Prince Charming loves me just the way I am so whatever we’ll see what happens. Well, I hope you have a GREAT day, I have other things to get done!!

Here’s Prince Charming’s ring. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it was just snapped with a phone so we could email the photo to my mom so she could see. (Yes it is on my fingers in this photo)

I finally got my ring sized down and back on my fingers. I absolutely love it! This was also snapped with my phone. I was trying to capture the beautiful sunlight shining off of it, but it didn’t do so hot. (btw, yes I have a 4th finger, I wasn’t worried about getting it in the shot!!)

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