Farm Shows & Fried Chicken

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You would think I might do these posts in a specific order… you know by given date or whatever, but that’s just not my style. So yesterday you learned what a Thursday evening looks like for us, then I promised you Friday evening but instead let’s jump forward to Sunday shall we? It only sounds fitting… I don’t know why, ask me later why it sounds fitting but for now just go with it.

Sunday we made plans to go to the Four State Farm Show with my dad. It’s a yearly farm show that is held over in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Last year Abug was only a couple weeks old so she wasn’t able to join us, but this year, this year she’s a year old so that didn’t stop her or us! I have started making it a point to get pictures of her “driving” all these different things… I think it started with my dad’s new truck back the end of May. So we had to climb all over all the new farm machinery. We “drove” tractors, combines, sprayers, lawnmowers. There was nothing off limits.

Grandpa, we made out our Christmas wish list ;). We do have a 6th generation Aggie!

After we wandered around the farm show, then it was time for lunch. There are 3 different chicken places in Pittsburg. We’d never eaten at Pichler’s So we decided to try out Pichler’s Chicken Annies.

We started with a half order of onion rings. There’s something about these onion rings… They are small slivers of onions, the batter is thin, and they are just good.

I went with a Breast dinner which was 1 breast and 2 sides. I chose German Potato Salad because it’s just the best… the vinegary taste gets me every time and I love it! And apple sauce because I figured baby girl would love the apple sauce. She wouldn’t eat it. I wound up eating it.

Hubby went with a 3 piece dark. It also came with 2 sides so he chose Baked beans (yuck, in my opinion… he likes them! I just don’t like beans unless they are green) and french fries so baby girl could snack on them as well. She did eat those.

Dad went with 4 piece wings. His as well came with 2 sides so he went German Potato Salad and German Slaw. I’ll admit I”m not sure I’ve ever tried the German slaw… I should sometime. I ordered it at one of the other places accidentally once but someone wound up trading me the potato salad for the slaw so I never ate it.

And just so you know, baby squirrel girl did eat the fries. at one point she had it sticking out of her mouth like this and she was shaking her head. It was hilarious. A video would have probably been more fitting but sometimes when you’re in a hurry you get what you can.

What did we think? Very good. The other 2 chicken houses, supposedly all 3 were at one time owned by family or something. Their recipes are all the same or very similar. Very good though!

Then we headed home. Squirrel girl didn’t make it out of the parking lot hardly before she was asleep.

And don’t worry, I was quick to follow. Luckily I wasn’t driving!

I didn’t really sleep the whole way home though, but it was a hot day and the heat got to me. I went and crawled on to my parents couch and went to sleep. I don’t really remember crawling on the couch but woke up cold in their house and I never think their house is cold. Heat must have gotten to me. I kept on squirrel girl to stay hydrated though! I guess that’s the mommy instinct in me coming out.

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